How to apply

In order to be certified by ILA as a “ILA Certified Director”, the candidates who have successfully followed the training program and comply with the eligibility criteria described in detail in our Certification Policy must submit an application file to the Certification Advisory Committee of ILA. This committee provides an opinion to the Management Committee that decides on the issue of the certificate.

The application file consists of the following:

  • A cover letter describing sufficiently in detail the job positions of the candidate and his or her experience as a member of a Board             of Directors
  • The application form duly completed and signed
  • The supporting documents that demonstrate achievement of the mandatory training modules and compliance with the eligibility criteria

o Certificates of training completion (module 1 & module 2)

o ILA Code of Conduct duly signed (including a CPD Commitment)

o A professional Curriculum Vitae

o The list of past and present mandates (please complete the attached template)

o An extract of police record


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Send your Application

The file duly completed has to be sent by email  to

 Christelle de Fournier de Brescia 


Deadline for submission of application:

 28 January 2022

Award Ceremony:

15 June 2022