ILA membership is open to company Directors and to all persons involved in corporate governance. The Institute is composed of individual members whose activity is linked to the Board of Directors, the Supervisory Committee, and other bodies of commercial or non-commercial companies. Among others, Directors, Board Chairmen, Board Secretaries, Lawyers, Auditors, etc. are ILA members today.

Eligibility & admission

There are two possibilities to become a ILA member:

  • Individual membership

  • Corporate membership. In this case, the member is a legal entity called a Corporate Member. The Corporate Member can register several "Affiliated Members" who will benefit from all ILA services and appear under their Corporate Member page on the ILA Members Directory. In addition, ILA offers to all the employees of a Corporate Member (called "Member Connections") reduced fees on ILA trainings & events.

 In both cases:

  • The candidates must submit an application form available online (see below).

  • They must also submit a declaration that no legal proceedings are in motion against them.

  • They must have signed theILA Code of Conduct (available here).

  • All applications are submitted for approval to the Management Committee.

How to become a member?

Choose your membership type

We offer 6 different types of membership. Five are aimed at companies: Small, Medium, Large, Premium, and Premium Gold while the last one is an individual membership (preferred rate applicable for young professionals and students).

Complete the application form, sign the code of conduct

You can now apply online and sign the code of conduct.  You don't have to print the form anymore!

Get approved

Individual members need to provide a CV. For companies, we require the Articles of Association and/or a RCS extract, the VAT number, and the list of all the "Affiliated Members". Once we receive all the information, your application will be reviewed by our Management Committee who will decide on its approval.

Annual Subscriptions

  • 1-50 employees
  • AND
  • Net Turnover*
  • < 10 million €
  • The company can register up to
  • 4 Affiliated Members
  • 51-250 employees
  • OR
  • Net Turnover*
  • 10 - 100 million €
  • The company can register up to
  • 8 Affiliated Members
  • >251 employees
  • OR
  • Net Turnover* 
  • >100 million €
  • The company can register up to
  • 12 Affiliated Members
  • 1 member

  • Young Individual members: (less than 40 years old) 
  • 300€ 
  •  Students and Academia: (upon request)
  •  100€
  • Free choice from company
  • The company can register up to
  • 40 Affiliated Members
Premium Gold
  • Free choice from company
  • The company can register up to
  • 100 Affiliated Members

NPO/ Charity organisations may benefit from a special reduced membership fee of 50%

(*) For Investment Funds (with legal entity only), the following criteria will be applied :

Asset Under Management 

  • Small: <EUR1 billion

  • Medium:   <EUR10 billion

  • Large:  >EUR10 billion

ILA membership is valid from 01 January to 31 December and automatically renewed annually.

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With more than 2,400 members, ILA is Luxembourg's most recognized institute on all Corporate Governance topics, and gathers all the best practitioners in Luxembourg.