It has been 2 years since the COVID -19 crises hit

Call for Candidates to the ILA Board of Directors

March 2022

Financial Companies Working Committee explained

March 2022 Governance news

20 years after Sarbanes-Oxley: what will be Luxembourg employers’ obligations to protect whistleblowers?

March 2022 Governance news

ILA & PwC Fund Day "Second session"

Key Governance Developments - March 2022

Message from our Chair, Carine Feipel: "ILA with Ukraine and its citizens"

March 2022

Hear Peter Hinssen to inspire the essential changes in your company

March 2022 External event

A better protection for whistleblowers

February 2022 Governance news

Deep dive in ILA Working Committees

Key Governance Developments - February 2022

Artificial Intelligence - A Journey for Board Directors

ILA & PwC Fund Day

Key Governance Developments

January 2022 Governance news

Luxembourg company boards: under pressure to meet strategic and sustainability goals

January 2022 Governance news

ILA’s new Effective Governance Guide – Board Committees Remuneration & Nomination

December 2021 Governance news

Key Governance Developments - December 2021

ILA Directors' Day 2021

December 2021 Governance news

ESG: If your company is sustainable, it’s time to prove it

Key Governance Developments - November 2021