ILA and Diligent Survey: The State of the Luxembourg Boardroom

Key Governance Developments - July 2021

Key Governance Developments - June 2021

ILA elects a new Board of Directors

June 2021 Governance news

Governance is fundamental to growth and survival

June 2021 Governance news

Key Governance Developments - May 2021

The Impact of COVID on The Three Lines

April 2021

Interview with Sophie Oberg

ILA efforts to clarify the scope of the AML law

April 2021 Governance news

Key Governance Developments - April 2021

ILA 2021 Mentoring Programme

March 2021

Call for Candidates to the ILA Board of Directors

March 2021

Shareholder meetings – will COVID speed modernisation?

March 2021

Understanding and explaining the PIVOT to sustainability

March 2021 Sustainability

Key Governance Developments - March 2021

A message from Carine Feipel, Chair of ILA

February 2021

Mentoring to support leaders and open their minds

February 2021

Being effective in the face of infobesity

February 2021 Event report

Macro and micro challenges to start the year

February 2021

Key Governance Developments - February 2021