Disciplinary Committee: Protecting Our Reputation

By Thomas Seale

When you think of it, the reputation of ILA and its members is of paramount, even existential, importance. If ILA’s reputation suffers, we all suffer. As ILA is an Association of corporate and individual members, we have a collective imperative to ensure that each of us is ‘fit and proper.’

ILA members are expected to respect the Articles of Association and Rules of Internal Order and refrain from any action which could damage the reputation and credibility of the Institute. 

ILA Articles permit the exclusion or suspension of a member who does not meet requisite standards of probity, honorability and integrity.

To help maintain our reputation, the Disciplinary Committee was established in 2019 by ILA’s Executive Committee. 

The Executive Committee can mandate the Disciplinary Committee to examine a particular case. In analyzing a case, we ask four main questions:

  1. Is the action or failure to act of the member in breach of the Articles of ILA or the Code of Conduct or an expected standard of behaviour?

  2. Is the matter, even if serious, part of day-to-day risks of being a Director?

  3. Does such member’s action or failure to act have an adverse impact on the reputation of ILA?

  4. Would the absence of action by ILA have an adverse effect on the reputation of ILA?

Following this analysis, the Disciplinary Committee makes a recommendation to the ILA Board on exclusion/suspension of the member or other possible sanctions. 

Members of the Disciplinary Committee are: Philippe Hoss (Co-Chair), Thomas Seale (Co-Chair), Monique Bachner, Marjolijne Droogleever-Fortuyn, John Li.

Should you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact: Philippe Hoss or Thomas Seale.