Getting to know better : Céline Labarsouque

Céline Labarsouque is the Assistant Manager of the Corporate Secretarial Services department of HSBC France, Luxembourg Branch.  Céline has been working in the Luxembourg fund industry since 2001 and has spent her career in company secretarial and governance roles for both regulated entities and in-house Management Company.

In your opinion, how has the Company Secretary role evolved in the last years?

Company Secretaries have always been important in the running of a company but their role had been undervalued for years and remains unknown for a majority of persons.  The intensification of the regulatory framework in recent years implied enhanced corporate governance.  The Company Secretary’s role has transitioned from being an administrative support to being an advisor to the Board and a key governance position within the company.  

According to you, what are the benefits of being a Certified ILA Company Secretary?

I am grateful to ILA to have launched this certification program as it will increase the visibility and importance of the role on the market.  The key benefit of this certification is the recognition of our expertise and knowledge, which had been assessed by a panel of important players in Luxembourg.  The certification program also gave us the opportunity to create a valuable network and to discuss some of the issues that we can face.

How can a Company Secretary improve the effectiveness of Luxembourg Boards?

The Company Secretary role has evolved to being an advisor to the Board and has therefore to ensure that the Board is provided with the right level of information to take well-informed decision.  The Company Secretary also has to align the meeting agendas to the Board’s priorities and to properly record all Board’s decisions.  

How can ILA contribute to the function of Company Secretary?

Thanks to this certification program the Company Secretary role will gain the visibility it deserves and ILA will help promote and align the high standards required for this role.  There is a lack of Company Secretaries on the market and I am sure that this certification program will help fill in the gaps.