ILA 2021 Mentoring Programme

Applications are now open!


ILA launches its second edition of the Mentoring Programme!

ILA is happy to launch the 2021 Mentoring Programme, to achieve ILA’s mission to promote the Board Director profession by developing its members into highly qualified, effective, and well-respected Board Members, and to foster a pool of high-potential, diverse, future candidates for independent Board positions.

ILA’s 2021 Mentoring Programme is a six-month formal journey that will pair a group of Mentees with a group of highly experienced and well-reputed ILA member Mentors. The Mentors will answer Mentees’ questions and offer advice on hot topic governance issues and on the means to sharpen their Director’s skills. 

The goal of the Programme is that the Mentees and the Mentors extract maximum benefits from this experience. Therefore, the journey is based on an individual and specific set of goals that the participants determine themselves and aim to achieve at the end of the Programme. 

Each Mentee will define his / her own aims in relation to the current Board Role(s) and / or the future of their Board career. 

Mentors will commit to share their experience and volunteer their time to maximise their contribution to the professional development of the Mentees.

Have a look at the Terms and Conditions below and fill in the application forms if you want to join the ILA 2021 Mentoring Programme!