ILA launches a new Working Group : Think Tank

ILA is currently looking for members to join the newly launched Think Tank committee, the SME's & Family Owned Businesses Committee, and the Non-Profit Organisations Committee

Think Tank

Join ILA's new research-oriented Working Group!

Following an initial exploratory period, this new WG will focus on new ideas and possibilities for ILA and become more involved in thought leadership related to research in the field of corporate governance.

Calling for interest from members who are interested to stimulate and drive best practices by looking deeper into not only current governance practices but also questioning these for the future.  Candidates should ideally sit on a Board or be involved in governance research activities, and be prepared to contribute actively and share own experiences. Fresh thoughts and perspectives are particularly welcome.

SME's & Family Owned Businesses Committee

The SME's & Family Owned Businesses Committee would be pleased to welcome any interest from experienced members prepared to contribute actively to this working group. Candidates should be running or owning an SME or a family business and be ready to share own experiences. 

The committee will be focusing on digital transformation and sustainability as strategic steps to ensure a sustainable future. 

“We are looking for experienced entrepreneurs who want help their peers to move towards a more sustainable and digital chapter of their journey” says SME's & Family Owned Businesses Committee Chair Georges Kioes 


Non-Profit Organisations Committee

The NPO Committee would be pleased to welcome any interest from members prepared to contribute actively to this working group. 

NPO Boards as any boards are facing multiple challenges but they vary also greatly. While many guidelines for establishing governance apply alike to both profit and non-profit organizations, serving as board member in a NPO a director is different. Directors are the public face of the   organization, they act as “cheerleaders” and fundraisers. At many small, volunteer-led associations, clubs, non-profits, the board may also be responsible for day-to-day operations. 

The primary purpose of the NPO Committee is to stimulate best practices, based on experiences and ideas both from Luxembourg and from other countries. 

If you think you can actively contribute to the work of the committee and share your knowledge, do not hesitate to send an email to, including a CV/biography and an explanation on your motivations.