Leading Strategic Corporate Sustainability from the Board Room

ILA will launch in a couple of weeks a series of short 'one hour max talks' with key decision makers who have already walked or have concrete plans to walk the pass to a strategy that fully embeds sustainability. The objective of these 'talks will be to allow these decision makers to very concretely explain their 'sustainability strategy' and most of all provide feedback on what role their boards and the governance model in general has been or is playing in getting there. 

Today, we have the pleasure to share with you the latest interview with Dr. Ravi Fernando for INSEAD. As many of you know Ravi is a very close friend of the ILA network and has been in Luxembourg for ILA workshops, conferences and even training in the past - all on his subject of excellence i.e. Strategic Corporate Sustainability. And we have already arrangements for him to partner up with ILA on a couple of future events. 

In this interview Ravi shares his opinion on what are the major three challenges Boards are presently facing ; but also the huge opportunities for Boards which go with each of them. He also briefly addresses the difference between CSR and ESG and provides a very short summary of his bestseller: " 7 Imperatives for Sustainable Business" before closing on a couple of key issues and key questions boards of any company, association, non for profit and even public authorities should address if they want to remain or become successful. 

Leading Strategic Corporate Sustainability from the Board Room

Looking forward to see most of you joining in for our talk series going forward ! 

Written by Raymond Schadeck Independent Director, Chair of ILA’s Sustainability Strategy for Boards Committee.