Raymond Schadeck: "The best preparation for tomorrow is doing our best today!"

ILA, what a great organisation we have become!

    Thanks to the outstanding contribution of all of our now more than 1.600 members, the more than 200 volunteers who make our multiple working groups work so efficiently and the continuous commitment of our board members and members of the Management Committee, I think I am allowed to say that ILA has over the last years done a fair job on the major elements of our mission statement i.e. 

    • promoting the profession, 

    • developing its members into highly qualified, effective and respected Directors,

    • promoting best practices … by actively engaging with the relevant institutions,

    • offering high quality trainings, forum discussions, research, publications and conferences,

    • and being recognised as the premier interlocutor in Luxembourg on issues affecting Directors. 

    Thanks to all of you!  You gave us your time … the most thoughtful gift of all …  and we count on you to do so going forward! 

    But let’s be fair!  All of this could not have been achieved without the outstanding ‘ILA team’ which through its devotion to proactive and high quality service have continuously encouraged all of us to take ILA another step further in achieving its mission statement and face and get prepared for the challenges but also opportunities ahead . 

    Ladies and Gentleman (yes we have one – diversity matters!), thank you so so much.

    Challenges and opportunities ahead? 

    Nobody can really predict how the business world and the governance that goes with it will really look like by the year 2030 for example. All we can do is try to identify today the key challenges ahead and help our members best prepare for it. 

    Let me just list some of these major topics we are presently working on – together with one of my favourite quotes for each of them:

    • Technology, digitalisation, AI, cybersecurity…

    The year is 2030. iPhone 382 is released. The screen touches you! 

    • Social media

    What happens on social media stays on google forever

    • Sustainability

    Imagine if trees gave off Wifi signals, we would be planting so many trees and we’d probably save the planet too. Too bad they only produce the oxygen we breathe 

    • Diversity, I prefer Complementarity (not only gender): 

    Diversity may be the hardest thing for a society to live with, and perhaps the most dangerous thing for a society to be without 

    The universe and its beings are a complementarity of empty infinity, intimate interrelationships and total uniqueness of each and every being

    • Adjust corporate cultures including work-life balance to stay attractive for the famous generations X, Y, Z …: 

    Future generations will have no future if the present generation continues to live in the past    

    I trust we have done a reasonable job in identifying early enough such challenges and opportunities – on some of them I believe we are even frontrunners – and have developed concrete action plans to help our members embrace the huge strategic opportunities they imply. But as said, the world continues to change, and we need to remain alert to adjust our plans continuously. 

    But I am confident that by continuously doing our best today we best prepare ILA for tomorrow!  

    Thanks to all of you and my special thanks to the great ILA team:  Elisa, Goiz, Laurence, Marie-Julie, Melanie, Thomas, Valérie-Anne, Véro. 

    « If ever you dream of getting rid of me for good, be assured it is just a dream! » And « it will be your own fault as you are just such a great, great team to work with! »

    Raymond Schadeck