Welcome to ILA

October 2019

We invite you to meet and learn a little bit about some of our new members, welcome to the ILA network!

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Tamara Turcarelli

Tamara is active in the world of the serviced apartments. She has grown up in a very entrepreneurial family. 

She has been on the helm of her family business for many years. This has provided her with unprecedented and early experience. In addition to that, she is finishing her law studies at the University of Urbino Carlo Bo (Italy).

She is very motivated to get involved in the world of corporate governance and independent directors.

As a result, she is very interested in ILA and in how she can contribute to this evolving landscape as a young woman with significant passion to make a difference.

Tamara is fluent in Luxembourgish, French, German, English and Italian.

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Moritz von Kunow

Moritz is chief compliance officer, corporate secretary and heading legal services at Bank of Communications (Luxembourg) S.A. and Bank of Communications, Co., Ltd., Luxembourg Branch. He is also a permanent member of the European credit committee.

He recently participated in the first ILA/INSEAD Aspiring Directors Program. Joining the bank in 2015, Moritz opened the subsidiary and the branch in his current roles for the Shanghai based banking group and has added two branches in France and Italy.

He joined his previous bank, Banque LBLux S.A., a former Luxembourg subsidiary of Bayerische Landesbank, in 2007. He was legal counsel in corporate banking covering the Benelux market. After several years of negotiating and implementing the restructuring of company and project loans, Moritz was appointed general counsel and later chief compliance officer. As such, he oversaw the sell-off and rundown of banking operations, before joining his current employer.

Moritz is a German qualified lawyer, having read law in Göttingen and Berlin, as well as holding a LL.M. from Nottingham Law School. He is fluent in English, German, French and Luxembourgish and likes picking up bits of new languages on the go.

Keen on outdoor pursuits, he divides his time between the office and his family.