Welcome to ILA

April 2020

We invite you to meet and learn a little bit about some of our new members, welcome to the ILA network!

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Catherine Delanghe

Catherine has been active for almost 34 years in Belgian based international financial institutions, where she gained significant experience in the following areas: investment analysis, portfolio management, risk hedging, financial engineering, sales and marketing, business development and crisis management.

Concerned about sustainable practices and ethical behaviour, she progressively decided to focus her activities essentially on ESG and SDG based investing, as well as on corporate governance issues. Since 2017 she is a ‘GUBERNA Certified Director’ and she recently graduated in Governance and Corporate Law (Louvain School of Management).

Her ambition is to promote good governance as a leverage to long term success and contribute to a better world for all of us.

She currently joined several boards as a non-executive director. She also founded a governance centre ‘Centre de Bonne Gouvernance Paul Tassin’ to support young entrepreneurs in the set-up of the optimal corporate governance structure as from the start of their project. She believes that integrating a sound sustainability framework in every single business strategy is not only a matter of survival, but it’s also an opportunity to innovate. It opens the door to new technological solutions, to motivated and qualified employees and to forward-thinking attitudes.

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Samiel Ouhibi

Samiel is a Corporate Manager with more than 25 years of experience in private equity and real estate in Luxembourg. She joined AB Real Estate Investment S.à r.l. (Luxembourg) and AB Real Estate Team in January 2020. Before joining the team, she worked for 14 years with IQEQ Luxembourg, a global provider of investment funds, corporate and private wealth management services. She was responsible for the handling of the day-to day legal, corporate and administrative tasks pertaining to the Luxembourg companies as well as for the coordination and acquisitions/sales of real estate.

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Rob Philippa

Rob is an international operations veteran and senior banking executive who built up his expertise over a 30-year career with global investments banks ABN AMRO, The Royal Bank of Scotland and BTG Pactual. He has leveraged his industry expertise with the creation of New Amsterdam Advisory Services, an international partner network of specialized industry contacts, consultants and contractors in the operations environment.

Over the course of his career Rob managed international operations, clearing & settlement, middle office and trade desk staff in a variety of senior management functions in New York, San Francisco, Amsterdam, Chicago, Rio de Janeiro and Luxembourg. In addition, he has led complex back office system implementations, work flow design and integration projects involving the main vendors in this space such as FIS/SunGard, Broadridge/ADP and Calypso.

He is also a Senior Advisor with Eleven Canterbury, an agency representing a global network of vetted C-suite executives who have held senior leadership positions within Fortune 500 companies, matching their knowledge and expertise with the specific needs of its clients in such areas as litigation consulting, c-suite placements or board positions.