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We invite you to meet and learn a little bit about some of our new members, welcome to the ILA network!

Jan Lecluyse

Jan is a partner and portfolio manager at Fuchs & Associés Finance Luxembourg since 2006. Fuchs & Associés is the largest independent asset manager in Luxembourg.  His clients are entrepreneurial families who are looking for objective guidance and follow-up of their investments.  Jan previously worked at BNP Paribas Luxembourg as head of development for Benelux clients.  He is specialised in advisory services and tailor made solutions.

Jan holds a Master’s Degree in Economics (Lessius Antwerpen), an Executive Entrepreneurial MBA in collaboration with Kellogg Graduate School of Management Chicago and is advisor financial planning (UAMS).   

As a family business advisor, Jan benefits from the support of a large network of specialists who offer dedicated services.  His product knowledge and service focus makes him a trustworthy partner in long term business relationships.

Jan’s values are respect, transparency, dedication and hard work.

Jan likes to travel and to discover vintage items.  He lives in Luxembourg for over 20 years. 

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Cong Peng

Mr. Cong Peng is current the CEO & Founder of IONBEAT GmbH, the executive board director of the China-Lux (China-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce). 

Mr. Peng was born in Chengdu, China in 1980. As he was 17, he came alone to Germany studying computer science and got his Diplom Informatiker (FH), then worked as an independent IT Advisor in Germany and Luxembourg serving customers like: TÜV Saarland, UBS Fund Services, RBC Dexia, Henri Tudor, Post Group, European Investment Bank, IBM, Tech-IT PSF, Brink’s and the 8 Chinese Banks in Luxembourg.

Mr. Peng worked as a senior product & innovation manager for APYDOS S.A. from 2009 to 2014 until he founded the IONBEAT GmbH in Luxembourg focusing on the emerging market such as: digital transformation, FinTech and international business relationship management.

Mr. Peng has joined ILA since end of 2018 and would like to follow the ILA certified director certification program. He believes both of his business and ILA communities would benefit with the ILA membership and multi-cultural background.

Michel Rzonzef

Senior Executive with 30 years of experience in leading up to $4Bn international businesses. Seasoned leadership across functional areas and organizational layers. Track record in growing top/bottom line and establishing lasting leadership in Emerging Markets. Proven success in transforming business models in mature markets. Visionary and driver of change by designing innovative strategies focused on customers, obtaining investments from boards, or divesting businesses as needed. Strong interpersonal and cross-cultural skills, with passion for people development. High level negotiation and board of director activities. 

Mr Rzonzef's career included multiple roles at Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company (automotive B2B and B2C). Starting in Research and Development in 1987, he rapidly moved to business roles, including General Manager for Central Europe where lasting market leadership has been established.

He was appointed Goodyear Company Officer and member of Global Leadership in 2008, as President of Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa. He then transitioned to lead the European Consumer B2C Unit in 2012, and the Commercial B2B Unit in 2014. Following the development and implementation of innovative digital business solutions in these roles, led of Goodyear Global Innovation Deployment in 2017-2018. Mr Rzonzef led several Board of Directors for Goodyear in Europe, including publicly listed company.

Mr Rzonzef is an Engineer in Aerospace by education, complemented by educational training at Insead and Harvard.

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Xavier Van Ingelgem

Xavier VAN INGELGEM, Master in Law, Passionate Entrepreneur in Manufacturing Industry and Circular Economy in Luxembourg and Belgium for 25 years, Certified GDPR, Judge at the Commercial Court of Brussels for 15 years. Double nationality – Luxembourg - Belgium

After his Master’s in Law degree (UCL) in Louvain-La-Neuve, he went to Africa (Kinshasa) for two years instead of military service. It was an opportunity that Belgium offers to young people to leave for cooperation. There, Xavier learned a lot of things. The first was that you have to learn everything after college ! His first boss, Michel Relecom (Unibra), gave him the chance to develop a company in Kinshasa and his long experience in business showed him the best tips to manage the most important element in a company, THE PEOPLE. 

After Unibra, Xavier Van Ingelgem worked for American Family Company, first in Africa and then in Belgium and France where he managed companies involved in production of chipboard and Medium Density Fiber Board (MDF).

He then developed a private equity business with six people. They invested in SME companies and resold them within 4 to 7 years. They took over small companies in different sectors. Most of them were in Belgium but one was in the USA. First sector was the water, then pharmaceutical packaging, security and last was manufacture and maintenance of high precision measuring systems for the steel and aluminum industries. This last company (IRM GROUP) became a world’s leader.

In the same time (in 1997), Xavier bought a little carpentry in Brussels and developed this company in Luxembourg and Belgium.  In Luxembourg, Tecnibo became the leader in manufacturing and installation of removable partitions and special carpentry in Office Buildings. 

His main concern has always been respecting environment and the “Circular Economy”. The plant was developed with this in mind and they began with waste management, followed by the sourcing of raw materials (PEFC), and finally the manufacture with the possibility of reusing the materials of our finished products (Cradle 2 Cradle). This is how they were the first in Belgium and Luxembourg to produce Cradle 2 Cradle certified partitions.

Xavier sold Tecnibo in 2017 and accompanied the buyer until April 2018, and the private equity companies were sold, the last in 2018. He is now available for new challenges or as Interim Manager, Consultant or Director.