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We invite you to meet and learn a little bit about some of our new members, welcome to the ILA network!

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Delphine André

Delphine André has more than 20 years of experience in the implementation and the administration (accounting, tax, legal and compliance matters) of Luxembourg entities for large multinationals, private equity and real estate firms.

 She is mandated as board member of several Luxembourg-based investment structures, regulated and non-regulated and also provides interim management services. 

Delphine André began her career working in the Corporate and Trust services department of PwC Luxembourg in 1995.

She worked for Alter Domus, a Fund and Corporate service provider from 2001 to 2017 where she was the team leader of about 15 people serving multinational companies, private equity and real estate clients. She also led the liquidation services from 2011 to 2017. 

Delphine’s academics credentials include a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Neoma Business School, Reims (France).

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Marc Beaujean

Marc Beaujean has 20 years of experience at McKinsey & Co, as a Director of the Firm specializing in Financial Institutions, with a practice established in Luxembourg, France, Belgium, Switzerland and North Africa.

Upon leaving McKinsey in 2012, Marc became Executive Committtee member and « fit and proper » Board member of a leading insurance company and a « Systematically Important Financial Institution » or SIFI, acting as de facto COO and leading the transformation programs of the group, up until the end of 2018.

In parallel, Marc co-founded and monitored as board member and interim CEO Blue Orchard Micro-Finance in Geneva, one of the world’s leading micro-credit providers, since its inception until 2015. Further, Marc is active in the non-profit sector, having sat on the board of its Alma Mater (HEC-ULg) for a number of years and teaching there.

Now a full-time resident in Luxembourg, Marc, through his company Beaujean & Partners, is leading strategic assignments in various financial institutions with a focus on their « end-to-end » transformation programs.

Marc holds a degree in Business Administration from the Management School of Liège University, a Master of Business Administration from Columbia Business School in New York (where he was made a member of Beta Gamma Sigma Honor Society) and is currently training to become a Certified Board Member in Luxembourg.

Marc is fluent in French, English and Dutch and has a good passive knowledge of German.  

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Gonzalo Fernández 

Gonzalo Fernández is an Executive Director and member of the Board of Directors in a big leisure group since almost two years

After four years as financial auditor in Deloitte, in early 2011, he joined into the financial department of Leisure Resources International, an experienced company in leisure centers management and present in whole Europe. 

Given the experience acquired in the financial aspects of all the centers, the group decided to promote Gonzalo as a park manager in Mallorca and after that as a regional manager. he developed these functions for five years in which he got a huge knowledge building teams focused in results but also in creating a high standard good work environment. 

Almost two years ago Gonzalo was named Executive Directors of the holding company and promoted as member of the Board of Directors, role from where he always keeps focused in the group’s results, in the holding governance, and also working to improve the communication among the manager level and the shareholders.

Gonzalo works in English, French and Spanish.

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Younis Hijazi

Younis Hijazi is the founder of the Luxembourg-based consulting company YouScale with the mission to help companies succeed in their exponential transformation. Younis is also consultant for EU grants and evaluator for the European Commission for technology-related topics.

He has various volunteering roles around innovation and technology, including the leadership of the Singularity University community in Luxembourg and the Ambassador role for Luxembourg for the MIT Technology Review “Innovators Under 35”. Younis has a scientific and international background (PhD in computer science; lived in six countries).

Prior to starting his own company (in February 2019), he was working for the public sector for 7+ years—being employed by the Luxembourg national innovation agency and working very closely with Ministries and EU institutions. During 2 years, Younis was heading the Luxembourg Contact Office for Research and Innovation in Brussels, lobbying at EU Commissioner and DG level to promote Luxembourg’s research and innovation.

Last but not least, his personal project is to disrupt the public sector by leveraging the ExO—Exponential Organizations framework.

Younis is fluent in French, English and German.

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Arnaud Lambert

Arnaud’s career has always been at the confluence of management, IT and logistics. 

He started his career in 1994 with Procter&Gamble, first in marketing then at the European HQ where he was in charge of the logistic systems for EMEA.

At the end of 1998 he moved to Luxembourg and joined Cargolux where he held several management positions in the IT division, with the mission to facilitate the implementation of the business strategy leveraging the power of IT. 

As from 2004 Arnaud joined the Executive Committee of CHAMP Cargosystems (CHAMP), a leading IT solution provider to the air cargo industry born from the IT of Cargolux. His first responsibility was VP Enterprise Services where he shaped and implemented a complete IT as a Service for Cargolux.

In 2010 he became VP Customer Services responsible for all customers of CHAMP worldwide where he introduced a new customer service model. 

As from 2012 Arnaud was VP Global Solutions Delivery, in charge of the delivery of the entire portfolio of air cargo IT solutions. His responsibility, while based in Luxembourg, spanned from the America’s to Japan. 

Since 2015, Arnaud is the CEO of CHAMP, leading the company to the next level of growth and impact with focus on digital cargo and cargo intelligence.

As part of his core responsibility, Arnaud holds Board positions is companies located in Luxembourg, UK, Switzerland and the Philippines.

Arnaud is also Member of the Board of the Cluster for Logistics in Luxembourg and the Chairman of the Board of e-Kenz a leading SAP®-as-a-Service company.

Arnaud holds a Master degree in Management from the Louvain School of Management in Belgium and a LEAP Executive certification from INSEAD.

Passionate about diversity Arnaud is fluent in French, English, has good notions of Dutch and Italian and is improving his Luxembourgish by the day! 

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Alex Macri

Alex Macri joined mojo.capital as director responsible for finance, AIFM compliance and funds operations specializing in private equity investment management and high-growth digital companies across Europe. 

Prior to joining his current company, Alex developed and managed the Luxembourg Office of Affiliates of Funds managed by HPS Investment Partners, LLC serving as board member for investment companies, securitization vehicles and leading the establishment of Luxembourg operations of this NY-based asset manager with strategies focusing on loan origination, public credit, mezzanine strategies and privately negotiated senior secured debt.

In 2015, Alex joined NorthStar Asset Management Group Ltd. leading the establishment of the company’s financial reporting and SEC-compliant operations, resulting in the spin-off of NorthStar Realty Europe Corp. (NYSE: NRE) acquiring $2.6 billion real estate assets across Europe. He also contributed to the merger of other private equity European assets of the company (NYSE: NRF) with Colony Capital, Inc. which completed a tri-party merger in 2017.

Before joining NorthStar, Alex held various positions working for global asset managers responsible mainly for financial reporting, deal implementation and investment management.

He is a member of the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce since 2011. 

Alex holds an MBA earned at San Francisco State University in California, a post-graduate degree in Accounting at UC Berkeley Extension in California, and a degree in Statistics at University of Padova in Italy. He is fluent in English, French, Spanish and Italian.

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Daniela Matiz

Daniela Matiz has more than 20 years’ experience in audit, compliance, risk management, and governance matters. Daniela has grown up in Luxembourg and graduated from University Louis Pasteur (France), has a diploma in Economics and is a Certified Internal Auditor (CIA). She started her career as an external auditor within KPMG for a couple of years and pursuit her professional path as the Head of Internal Audit of two banks located in Luxembourg with one of them being created from scratch, both having international width, specialized in private banking activities, asset and wealth management.

In October 2011, Daniela joined PayPal as the Chief Internal Auditor of the PayPal Luxembourg Bank (providing services in all EU countries) and was responsible for establishing the first internal audit function in Europe for PayPal, the oversight and execution of the Internal Audit Plan. In 2014, she expanded her role to oversee audit activities and teams in the international regulated entities in EMEA and APAC with focus on credit policies and products, payment services, outsourcing, governance, privacy, as well as anti-money laundering and compliance programs. She has been serving as the primary Internal Audit representative to the various Audit Committees and Boards in Luxembourg, Russia, Australia and Singapore, in addition to multiple exchanges and visits to the PayPal headquarter in California. 

Later in 2014, Daniela moved to a risk and compliance role becoming responsible for deploying the Enterprise Risk Management Program throughout the region to allow PayPal to effectively manage business risks, adhere to required regulatory promulgations and maximize shareholder’s return. She has established and maintained the risk appetite framework, conducted qualitative risk assessments and coordinated regulatory inspections and exams.

Since 2019, Daniela is responsible for the governance program of various PayPal entities which involves minimum requirements and governance standards that an entity must adhere to in relation to Board Structures, Board Committees, Management Structures, Risk and Internal Control Mechanisms. In this context, she has also been appointed in different PayPal entities as a non-executive Director.

Daniela is excited to be able to leverage her regulatory and prudential background, to help stakeholders identify and mitigate their risks, provide added value to the teams and to the overall internal control system of the companies. She likes working in international environments which allows her to face different cultures and use the five languages (IT, LU, FR, DE, UK) she speaks.

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John Miller

John Miller is an accomplished and internationally experienced business leader with over 30 years’ experience within the manufacturing sector.

John is currently Global President of DuPont Teijin Films responsible for business operations in Europe, USA and China.

He has been chairman of the boards of DuPont Teijin Films Luxembourg S.A and DuPont Teijin Films UK Ltd since 2008.

Graduated with a BSc ( Hons) Chemistry from Glasgow University followed by a Ph.D in Chemistry from University of Strathclyde, John has held various roles though the years in Sales, Marketing , Research, Development and Manufacturing, in UK , Germany, USA and ultimately Luxembourg.

Married with 5 adult children John is passionate about football (watching rather than playing nowadays), travelling and socialising (I’m Scottish !)

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Amandine Motte

Amandine Motte is the General Manager of CNA Hardy’s Luxembourg subsidiary, and CFO for Continental Europe. Joining CNA Hardy in 2018 as Chief Financial Officer, she was also appointed as General Manager, Luxembourg in August 2019. 

With more than ten years’ experience in financial services, Amandine was previously Vice President, Senior Financial Reporting Manager at Swiss Re International S.E. where she supervised the regulatory and statutory reporting, and was involved in key projects within the organisation.

An enthusiastic supporter of equality within the workplace, Amandine is a member of the Diversity and Inclusion committee at CNA Hardy. 

Amandine studied Financial Risk Management at New York University and holds a BA degree in Communications and Marketing from EFAP. She is also a member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA).

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Robert Williams

After leaving Portsmouth University with a BSc in Business Information Systems in 1992, Robert moved to France which he made his home, and now holds dual French and British nationality. 

Robert joined ING Private Banking in 1996 as a Systems Analyst, since 2009 he holds the position of Head of Business Development at NN Investment Partners (ex-ING IM).  This position gives Robert responsibility for distribution of NN Funds in Luxembourg, in addition to being a member of the Management Team of the manco.  Late last year NN IP decided to merge their Luxembourg entity to their manco in The Netherlands which has given Robert the opportunity to set new objectives for his professional career.

Robert will use his professional experience on the one hand to continue in Business Development, and at the same time to use his expertise as an Independent non exec Director.  Robert skillsets cover ESG, IT, distribution and investments.