Key Governance Developments - May 2022

ICGC Events in May - Open to ILA Members

April 2022 Governance news

Fitting strategy to long-term trends with the ILA Board Leadership Masterclass

April 2022 Governance news

Fund Boards crisis management put to the stress test

April 2022 Governance news

Fund Governance Masterclasses and certification

April 2022 Governance news

Disciplinary Committee: Protecting Our Reputation

April 2022 Governance news

Corporate fraud: time for the board to take action

April 2022 Governance news

Key Governance Developments - April 2022

It has been 2 years since the COVID -19 crises hit

Financial Companies Working Committee explained

March 2022 Governance news

20 years after Sarbanes-Oxley: what will be Luxembourg employers’ obligations to protect whistleblowers?

March 2022 Governance news

ILA & PwC Fund Day "Second session"

Key Governance Developments - March 2022

Hear Peter Hinssen to inspire the essential changes in your company

March 2022 External event

A better protection for whistleblowers

February 2022 Governance news

Deep dive in ILA Working Committees

Key Governance Developments - February 2022

Artificial Intelligence - A Journey for Board Directors

ILA & PwC Fund Day

Key Governance Developments

January 2022 Governance news