Certification programme in Company Secretarial and Governance Practice

Training path of 8 modules

Benefits of the program 

This program will enable participants to:

  • Understand the key components of company secretarial practice in Luxembourg;

  • Learn about the respective roles and responsibilities of the key stakeholders;

  • Explore the best corporate governance practices in the field of company secretarial in order to ensure optimal Board and Management support;

  • Assess Board and key corporate bodies’ dynamics, and maximise personal effectiveness;

  • Consider current developments, trends and topical issues.

Target audience

Board support personnel, such as current and aspiring Company Secretaries, Corporate Officers, including Law Professionals, who support and advise the Board of Directors and Managers, and willing to increase their understanding of corporate governance concepts.

Program entry & eligibility criteria

Open-entry: no previous specific qualification or experience is required to enter the program.

Eligibility entry criteria:

  • Be an ILA member;

  • Sign the ILA Code of Conduct (incl. CPD commitment);

  • Submit a full application file to ILA; and,

  • On acceptance, payment of the fee.


Program outline & certification requirements

  • 8 mandatory modules (candidate must start with module 1 and should follow the modules in the order).

  • To qualify for the Certificate, all 8 modules must be attended within a limited timeframe of 3 years, and the exams must be successfully passed.

  • Limited to 25 participants per module, for enhanced interaction

  • Priority will be given to candidates who commit and register for the full program

  • Modules can also be taken individually – outside of the full certification program

  • Modules and exams are conducted in English

  • Exams:
       o The modules will be assessed by a multiple-choice exam: 2 hours                   per group of 4 modules (module 1 to 4 and then module 5 to 8)
       o exam sessions will be held 6 to 8 weeks after the end of each pillar
       o exams are limited to 2 attempts

  • Mandatory CPD credits to be accumulated after certification: 6 hours training per year.

Training sessions 

Pillar one

Pillar two 

Practical details


72.00 hours


3,920.00 € for members  (VAT excluded)

Registration for members only,  to become a member please contact membership@ila.lu

More information?

Please reach us at events@ila.lu we will do our best to help!