Artificial Intelligence, a journey for Board Directors

From fundamentals to Risk Management & Ethics

A series of 6 online sessions

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Course outline

The audience will gain a better understanding of the AI regulatory framework, its challenges and limits, together with a better apprehension of its risks and the way to mitigate them

The course is aimed to provide an end-to-end Artificial Intelligence understanding for board directors. It starts by providing fundamental Artificial Intelligence knowledge to board directors, following a walk-through the AI value and supply chain. The Data and AI governance aspect are tackled, together with the needed AI related skills from a holistic workforce perspective to AI board specific skills.

Positioning the AI in the European context, a risk-based approach is further outlined, supporting the board members understanding of the upcoming EU AI legislative framework, terminology and main AI risk classes. The course includes also an interactive workshop around data driven boards.

The participants are provided with a takeaway leaflet guiding the AI journey through 10 tips for Boards in getting started with AI

Course highlights

The course will be composed of 6 virtual sessions, on 4 consecutive Fridays in March 2022 and 2 in April/May 2022 from 11.00-13.00. A detailed agenda for each session can be found in the agenda tab on this page

The different sessions will be recorded (except the discussions) and participants who will be unable to attend on one or the other date, can review the content. 

Session 1A - AI basics for Directors - 11 March 2022

The main purpose of this module is to provide fundamental Data and AI knowledge through definitions and concepts demystification. We walk through the AI supply chain and debrief main actors and components. Instruments of AI adoption are outlined as to master Data & AI strategies.

Session 1B - AI anytime, anywhere? AI standards and regulations - 18 March 2022

The second part of the module shift the focus from the general Data & AI context to the specifics of current standardisation and legislative developments, supporting directors assess existing context and constraints for AI strategies. From AI governance at higher level to how international standards and upcoming EU legislative and regulatory requirements can influence one’s Data & AI strategy.

Session 2A - The Board's Oversight of AI, digitalisation and automation- 25 March 2022

Understand, identify and manage AI and related risks, and related challenges - explore the fundamentals of AI governance and the board’s role in adopting innovations that leverage data to enable or deliver AI. 

Session 2B - The Board's Oversight of AI, digitalisation and automation continued - 1 April 2022

Session 3A - Data Driven Boards - 29 April 2022

AI will not replace Directors anytime soon, however automation, AI, big data, and other new technologies may be combined to complement and enhance you and your board’s analysis and decision-making capabilities.  Innovative uses of data can provide unique into avoid rights into strategy, risk management, and also oversight of your Board’s delegates and KPIs.

“Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics” 

Boards are inherently limited in their foresight and decision making by the types of data they have access to, as well as any bias or framing of that data.  

There are ever larger amounts of data available, moving at faster speeds, and via more automated systems.  How can your Board use AI, Big Data and other new technologies to access not only more data, but the right types of data?  To avoid drowning in data overload, Boards need to leverage data in a meaningful and manageable way, and avoid simply having unprocessed – or inadequately processed – data dumped on them.  And how do you ensure the data is as free of bias as possible – or at least that the Board is aware of any biases in the data due to the persons involved in the extraction and curation, the data sources, and other inevitable trade-offs related to the gathering, processing and extraction of data.

This course aims to introduce Directors to such possibilities and to demonstrate though interactive exercises various possibilities to enhance your Board’s capabilities by accessing not simply more data, but better data.  We will discuss how to use the opportunities offered by new technologies for your Boards’ advantage.  Discover new opportunities resulting from the data capabilities provided by AI, big data, blockchain, 5G, and other new technologies to enhance your Board’s decision-making capabilities.

Session 3B - Data Driven Boards Continued - 6 May 2022

Objectives of the program

On completion of the course, Directors will be able to:

  • Understand AI terminology and main AI risk classes

  • Gain understanding of the upcoming EU legislative framework

  • Identify instruments of AI adoption: data & AI assets, skills and how to shape AI governance

  • Understand AI implications on business, which sectors are to be directly impacted by the EU AIA horizontal legal proposal?

  • Acquire knowledge on the EU AI legislative proposal and EU AI strategy , with a global perspective (OECD)

  • Understand, identify and manage AI related risks

  • Understand the importance of approaching new technologies and digital transformation as a strategic imperative

  • Recognize approaches to align board structure and composition that support digital transformation

Date and Time

From 11/03/2022 11:00
To 06/05/2022 13:00

CPD Hours

12.0 hours


ILA - Institut Luxembourgeois des Administrateurs



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