Board Effectiveness - Short talk - Board documentation

Seeing the wood for the trees … how to navigate infobesity

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We are pleased to resume our short talks series  in virtual format. The topic of the discussion will be "Board documentation" and with the ultimate aim of making effective, efficient and balanced decisions, how can Directors:

  • navigate the complexity and abundance of information available in today's digital age;

  • influence how and what level of information is disseminated; and

  • enhance their ability to process information provided

The aim of this short talk is to provide:

  • directors and company secretaries with advice and tips on understanding the importance of getting the balance of information right (from a legal and regulatory perspective, applying pragmatic balance, understanding the mandate and the overall governance framework of the entity, building trust with management, having at least some understanding of how the human machine can influence how information is processed etc), and influencing the information flow to the Board enabling informed, effective and efficient decisions to be made.  

  • some sign posts on the right questions directors (and company secretaries) should be asking themselves when considering the Board materials for their mandates.

Date and Time

From 27/01/2021 09:30
To 27/01/2021 10:30

CPD Hours

1.0 hours


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