Board Evaluations - Next steps

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The ILA Board Organisation and Effectiveness Committee is pleased to welcome you to this “Board Evaluations – Next Steps” conference.

Board evaluations performed on a regular periodic basis lie at the heart of good board organisation and effectiveness. From the simple and basic question "How are we doing?" through the formal annual or periodic board evaluation process to the externally facilitated triennial board evaluation, board assessments ensure that boards of directors - collectively and individually - continue to fulfil their missions, goals and objectives in the best possible cooperative and forward-thinking environment. Do companies in Luxembourg achieve their objectives through the board evaluation process? Do they fully benefit from an honest assessment of how their boardroom functions? Do they set a roadmap for improving deficiencies? The objective of this conference is to explore these questions and others on what steps boards are taking, and might additionally take, to ensure an effective board evaluation process.”


20 Boulevard de Kockelsheuer
    Luxembourg Luxembourg
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Date and Time

From 17/10/2018 16:45
To 17/10/2018 19:30

CPD Hours

1.0 hours


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