Breakfast Briefing "IFRS9 is now live - What role should the Board and Audit Committee play?"

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Although the impact of IFRS 9 Financial Instruments is monumental for banking institutions, virtually all

other entities have some form of financial instruments on their balance sheet, and therefore need to

consider the impact of IFRS 9 relative to their current accounting under IAS 39.

Despite being an accounting standard, its implementation should be on everyone’s agenda and not be

considered as a pure accounting or compliance exercise. This is particularly important for entities that

hold a significant amount of financial instruments for which the disruption could be quite substantial and

where the implementation may present a number of challenges.

In this continually changing environment, board and audit committee members need more than ever to

stay abreast of developments and consider how they impact their entities. Early and comprehensive

oversight by the board and audit committee in the development of an IFRS implementation program can

help ensure the program has the appropriate level of management’s attention. 

During this event, EY panellists will present how far reaching IFRS 9 can be, explore some of the key

issues faced by entities in implementing IFRS 9 and highlight the roles and responsibilities of those

charged with governance in this process.

Join our subject-matter professionals as they present:

- Transition to IFRS 9 – What should you know?

- IFRS 9 goes beyond accounting

- IFRS 9 in the spotlight – What regulators and auditors do expect?

- What questions should be asked by Board and Audit Committee?


35E Avenue John F. Kennedy
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Date and Time

From 15/03/2018 08:30
To 15/03/2018 17:00

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1.0 hours


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