Breakfast Roundtable Series "The Digital Director" - "Digitalisation, Compliance and the Board"

“Where are you in the process, and what do you need to advance?”

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The Digital Director Breakfast Roundtables offer an opportunity for attendees to learn and share knowledge with peers, guided by experts in the field. The aim is to provide a positive, informal but challenging space to discuss issues that confront directors on a daily basis. The format is simple: an introduction from an expert, followed by guided conversations with peers in small groups, and a closing discussion with the wider group. Breakfast Roundtables will be run on various digital related topics on a monthly basis.

In the Digitalisation & Compliance Roundtable we will have an active discussion with you about this important topic of digital innovation. The interactive session will provide you with insights from our speakers and perhaps even more importantly, gives you a forum to feedback about the challenges you face, and the tools required going forward.


We will be discussing issues such as:

  • What is digitalisation as it relates to compliance, why is it an important topic for the board?

  • Some examples of how a successful digital compliance strategy can help you.

  • What are the responsibilities of the Board regarding digitalisation of compliance?

  • What are the compliance risks of not doing anything regarding digitalisation?

  • Where is your business iin its compliance digitalisation journey and how do you assess this?

  • What can you do to help you drive digitalisation of your compliance processes both in the board and in the organisation?


Chambre de Commerce du Luxembourg
7 Rue Alcide de Gasperi
    L-1615 Luxembourg
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Date and Time

From 09/05/2018 08:30
To 09/05/2018 10:00

CPD Hours

1.0 hours


ILA - Institut Luxembourgeois des Administrateurs



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