Breakfast Roundtable "The Digital Director : Startup Boards"

 “The board role in a startup”

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The Digital Director Breakfast Roundtables offer an opportunity for attendees to learn and share knowledge with peers, guided by experts in the field. The aim is to provide a positive, informal but challenging space to discuss issues that confront directors on a daily basis. The format is simple: an introduction from an expert, followed by guided conversations with peers in small groups, and a closing discussion with the wider group. Breakfast Roundtables will be run on various digital related topics on a monthly basis.

Many directors are interested in the startup ecosystem, often joining startup boards via their own investment activities. However, the startup board is substantially different to boards in established companies or funds. In the Startup Board Breakfast Roundtable, we will explore the role of the board in a startup, how add value as a director for a startup, and share experiences as board members, investors, entrepreneurs and coaches of various startups.


We'll begin by introducing the lifecycle of a startup, with focus on the interests of investors and shareholders at the different stages, and the role of the board throughout. We will share some of our own experiences as board members, investors, entrepreneurs and coaches of various startups.

We'll then break into discussion groups to explore the questions of interest to members, including:

  • Why and when do startups need a board?

  • Differences between startup boards and mature company or fund boards

  • How do startup boards work - board packs? Minutes, etc?

  • Balancing the roles as a startup board member - Investor, Director, Mentor, Adviser, Executive

  • Pitfalls and problems common on startup boards and how to avoid them

  • What makes a good startup board member?

  • Why be on a startup board?

  • Risk vs Reward as a startup board member

  • How to get a role on a startup board

We'll conclude by bringing the discussion back to the wider group to share learnings and areas where further discussion or exploration may be of interest

Supporting documentation will be provided to the participant on the subject.

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House of Startups Luxembourg
9, rue du Laboratoire
    1911 Luxembourg
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Date and Time

From 15/11/2018 08:30
To 15/11/2018 10:00

CPD Hours

1.0 hours


ILA - Institut Luxembourgeois des Administrateurs



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