Diversity has become a fashionable and sometimes overused topic. But should it be forgotten? Certainly not: diversity in the broadest sense (gender/culture/skills/disability/viewpoints/values) remains at the heart of value creation in many organisations. 

Diversity even represents a lever that will constitute a definite competitive advantage in the long term. Why and how? This is what we are going to discover together in this fascinating training.

This training will allow you to:

  • Understand the different cultural codes to improve collaboration in a globalised world

  • Better understand the plurality of personalities to develop tolerance

  • Identify the primary and secondary motivations of individuals to engage leaders/employees and develop the full performance of the company/institution

  • Integrate the growth mindset to be solution-oriented and develop one's capacity to adapt as a leader

  • Adapt one's decision making to a more or less complex context

  • Develop a culture of the right to make mistakes and positive feedback to create a dynamic of continuous improvement and release the full performance of the organisation

  • Boost innovation in your organisation through two efficient tools

The main features of the program are:

I. Theoretical background

-          Definition of Diversity: Diversity is all too often stereotyped, reduced to gender and/or cultural differences. Diversity is to be understood here in a broad sense: gender/culture/skills/disability/viewpoints/values/rituals/approaches. It is thus an essential starting point for organisations to ensure a healthy, rich and competitive corporate culture in a fast-evolving global world.

-          Adaptability/growth mindset (brain plasticity and neuroscience): a state of being solution-oriented in a difficult context


II. Practical workshops

-          Diversity of perceptions of the same reality:

a.       Debriefing of personalities and values tests (sent prior to the training) to highlight the diversity of personalities/values, a unique alchemy of very personal specificities that shape our thoughts, our behaviour and our results


-          Diversity of approach:

a.       Cynefin model to take relevant decisions in a complex and uncertain environment

b.       Growth mindset vs. fixed mindset to change behaviour and results, individually and collectively


-          Diversity of analysis:

a.       Bono's 6 hats workshop: maximise the richness of different perspectives on a complex situation to design a relevant and creative response to the problem at hand

b.       The Star Workshop: testing the diversity of evaluation of an action to encourage the dynamics of continuous improvement


III. Testimonial of a Board Member from Luxembourg who has made Diversity an added value within his/her organisation.

  • Diversity of perceptions: develop understanding of oneself and others to create more efficient and tolerant teams.

  • Diversity of approach: develop one's capacity to adapt in order to remain solution-oriented and make faster and more relevant decisions.

  • Diversity of analysis: widen the focus on a given situation and increase the accuracy of analysis and the ability to find an adapted and creative solution to a major issue.

  • Testimonial of a Board Member from Luxembourg to be inspired by peer actions to leverage Diversity at best.

  • Build overall efficiency of your organisation to broaden tolerance, perspectives, and innovation within your organisation.

Board Members of diverse Luxembourg companies and institutions that would like to consider and leverage Diversity as a core asset and differentiator to bring their organisation to the next level.


ILA - Institut Luxembourgeois des Administrateurs
19 Rue de Bitbourg
    L-1273 Luxembourg
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Date and Time

From 23/11/2022 00:00
To 23/11/2022 00:00


ILA - Institut Luxembourgeois des Administrateurs



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