Break out session A

ILA Directors' Day 2021

Break out session A

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Break out session A - "Diversity or swarming behaviour in public discourse?"   

For 25 years, Prof. Muller has hunted human and animal viruses worldwide. He lectured and served as a consultant for the World Health Organization and other international organizations in some 40 countries across Africa, the Middle East, the former Soviet Republics, and Southeast Asia. As a critical observer, he has eye witnessed societal transformations in many countries. In this talk, he takes us from The Ukraine and Russia to Turkey and the Caucasian former Soviet republics, to the Middle East and North Africa. He compares his own experiences and observations with our local media coverage to stimulate a broader public discourse. He calls for more diversity in views and opinions to come to more equitable and tolerant relations between countries. His intervention is powerpoint-animated.

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16/11/2021 15:20 (Europe/Luxembourg)
45 minutes