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Leading Strategic Corporate Sustainability session 1

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An Introduction to future global disruptors

Triple bottom line mind-set and Strategic Corporate Sustainability

  • The Climate Emergency (Planet/Envrionmental)

How every Corporate Strategy and Business Model will be impacted by the Climate Emergency?

  • The Health Emergency ( People/Social Sustainability)

Does your Board have a "Code Red Strategy" to cope with future health emergencies?

  • New Technology led disruption

What technologies will disrupt the business model and corporate strategy in the future?

  • Geopolitical impact

Has your board assessed the future Geopolitical risks and opportunities?

  • Board Strategic Advisory Committee

Every organisation needs to accept the 'fact' that seated around the Board table no organisation has the knowledge and expertise needed to make "21st Century Board decisions"

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18/06/2020 14:00 (Europe/Luxembourg)
1 hour