Regulatory and Industry update, discussion points

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Regulatory and Industry update, discussion points

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Regulatory and industry update, discussion points

  1. EMIR reporting AIFM to be more informed in process

  2. CSSF reporting EMIR excel file

  3. Brexit

  4. New LFR, ManCo and AML report

  5. ESMA news letters - Delegation, white-label services, etc

  6. ESMA/CSSF & FCA : Value for money and allocation of costs

  7. The increasingly competitive landscape due to the revision of Irish LP laws

  8. CSSF Regulation 20-05 impacts; questions on electronic keeping of documents vs original; transaction monitoring: identification and verification transfers

  9. Feedback from AML/CFT CSSF conference 19/11/2020

  10. Feedback on ILA CSSF meeting

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