Sustainability Strategy Talks with Ms Lorna Davis, Global Ambassador B Corp

ILA is pleased to hold a series of short "Sustainability Strategy Talks" with the key decision makers who have already walked or have concrete plans to walk the pass to a strategy that fully embeds sustainability. The objective of these talks will be allow these decision makers to very concretely explain their "sustainability strategy" and most of all provide feedback on what role their boards and the governance model in general has been or is playing in getting there.

This interview will be hosted by Andy Schmidt and Isabelle Delas, members of the ILA Sustainability Strategy for Boards committee, who will welcome Ms Lorna Davis, Global Ambassador B Corp.

Lorna Davis

Lorna Davis has served as President of multinational consumer goods companies for 20+ years, in Danone, Kraft and Mondelez.  In addition to being the former CEO of Danone North America, she has been instrumental in Danone’s purpose journey and is a Global Ambassador for the B Corp movement. 

Lorna transforms the way leaders operate so that they can incorporate social, environmental and financial priorities into their business performance.  Lorna inspires, coaches and provokes leaders to use business as a force for good and is a highly sought after keynote speaker.  She also serves on the board of a number of organizations that are committed to having meaningful purpose.

Previously as CEO and Chairwoman of Danone North America (a $6 Billion business unit) she led the organisation in achieving B Corp status in 2018, making it the largest B Corp in the world.

Lorna is a member of the Social Mission Board of Seventh Generation, the Advisory Board of Radicle Impact, the Integrity Board of Sir Kensington and the Board of B Lab Global.

She has lived and led businesses in 7 countries including the UK, France and the USA and served on the Global board of Electrolux for 6 years. Lorna was based in Shanghai, China for 6 years where she was the CEO of the merged Danone and Kraft business.

Lorna is now based in New York City where she runs Lorna Davis and Associates, working as a coach, speaker and facilitator. Lorna is passionate about wildlife conservation, particularly the plight of the African rhino.


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Date and Time

From 25/09/2020 15:00
To 25/09/2020 16:00


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