Sustainability Strategy Talks with Ms Louise König, Ramboll Sweden

ILA is pleased to hold a series of short "Sustainability Strategy Talks" with the key decision makers who have already walked or have concrete plans to walk the pass to a strategy that fully embeds sustainability. The objective of these talks will be allow these decision makers to very concretely explain their "sustainability strategy" and most of all provide feedback on what role their boards and the governance model in general has been or is playing in getting there.

This interview will be hosted by Ms Sophie Öberg, member of the ILA Sustainability Strategy for Boards committee, who will welcome Ms Louise König, Manager sustainability Business Development at Ramboll Sweden, who will share how she works with multi stakeholder processes and integrates sustainability into business practices, creating revenue and brand value.

 Louise König

 Louise König, Manager Sustainability Business Development at Ramboll Sweden, the   Swedish organisation of Ramboll, a leading engineering, architecture and consultancy   company with 16,500 people globally, has been  working with international sustainable   business development and communication for the last 20 years both as a  manager and   as a consultant in Swedish and international companies such as IKEA, KF, Coop and Solberg. She has experience from a variety of sectors such as health, food, foodtech, retail, furniture, energy, transport,  technical consultants/societal builders, and communication.

Louise is a board member in several NGOs and at Jernhusen, the Swedish-state owned real estate company.  She has an education in international business administration and environmental science.


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From 27/11/2020 09:00
To 27/11/2020 10:00


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