The A to Z of Mergers & Acquisitions

“A guide to mergers & acquisitions for directors, board members & management”

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Course outline

Mergers and acquisitions are an established way for companies to get scale quickly and achieve their objectives faster. However an acquisition carries significant execution risk both for the seller and for the buyer, not only in terms of price, but with respect to the terms and conditions of the transaction, to be negotiated between buyer and seller. An experienced seller will maximize competition amongst several buyers to get the best price, meaning that buyers face the additional complexity of a process they do not control without necessarily having visibility of their rivals.

This 1-day course maps the process from A to Z, identifying the key risks at each stage and what strategies and actions can be adopted by seller and buyer to mitigate their respective execution risk and optimize value for their respective shareholders. It identifies the key decisions to be taken typically by the board of directors of a seller and a buyer and what the critical decision criteria should be.

Benefits of the program

Identify the typical steps in an acquisition process

Understand the objectives for the seller and the buyer at each critical step in the process.

Identify strategies used by the seller at each stage of the process to maintain competitive pressure on bidding acquirors

Identify buyer bidding strategies.

Identify the purpose of a shareholders’ agreement if there is more than one shareholder.

Identify and manage corporate governance issues related to a competitive acquisition process.

Target audience

Board directors and executives of acquisitive groups

Private equity directors

Investment fund managers and directors taking sizeable equity stakes in their investments.

Bank financing professionals


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Date and Time

From 12/01/2018 08:15
To 12/01/2018 17:00

CPD Hours

8.0 hours


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