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This e-learning covers the raw elements of the Luxembourg law that determine the legal entity of a company, and the relationship between the key actors in its governance: the shareholders, the Board and its daily management. We will analyse the role, rights and obligations of each, in so far as the law stipulates these.

A Director's guide to Luxembourg Company Law - elearning

Section 1 - Company law

  • Sources of Luxembourg company law

  • Common types of Luxembourg companies

  • Incorporation of a Luxembourg company

Section 2 - The Board

  • Board composition

  • Board powers

  • Board committees & Board delegation

Section 3 - Board and shareholders' meetings

  • Board meetings

  • Shareholders & Shareholders' meetings

Section 4 - Liability

  • Civil liability

  • Criminal liability

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01/01/2020 08:15 (Europe/Luxembourg)
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