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David Arendt is a Partner of The Directors' Office, the leading practice of independent Directors in Luxembourg, which he joined in May 2017. 

David is certified by L’Institut Luxembourgeois des Administrateurs (ILA) and INSEAD as a Director. David, whose career spans nearly 40 years, has worked in Europe and the US in law, finance and business. 

Most recently he was Managing Director of Le Freeport Luxembourg (rebranded Luxembourg high security hub), a high tech/highly secure facility for storing and handling valuable goods and Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Cargolux, the all-cargo carrier based in Luxembourg. David is a lawyer by education and practiced law close to 10 years in Luxembourg, New York and Paris. 

He has extensive experience in the fields of law, IT, corporate control, corporate finance, project management, budgeting, long term planning and administration.