ILA certified directors

As part of its director development program, ILA has set up a Certification Program for Directors. This professional qualification is delivered by ILA to members who fully comply with the following eligibility criteria:

  • Be registered as a ILA member

  • Successful achievement of the training program (and related exam/paper)

  • Demonstration of relevant experience as a member of a Board of Directors

  • Commitment to continuous professional education

  • Commitment to respect the code of conduct

  • Compliance with all recurring obligations as a ILA member

The eligibility criteria are described in detail in our Certification Policy.

The training program includes 2 mandatory modules which should be completed over a maximum period of 2 years:

In order to be certified by ILA as a “ILA Certified Director”, the candidates who have successfully followed the training program and comply with the above criteria must submit an application file to the Certification Advisory Committee of ILA. The members who have obtained the Certificate will be registered on the list of directors certified by ILA which is updated regularly.

The certification will be renewed annually by the Management Committee based on the commitment of Continuous Professional Development duly completed by the certified member. In order to maintain the certified level, ILA asks its certified directors to engage in a minimum number of hours of training a year by participating in adequate programs to maintain their professional skills at the highest level. In this context, the Module “Europe” with ecoDa will be compulsory and should be completed within the first 3 years following certification

Benefits offered by ILA to its certified directors:

  • Relevant visibility on the ILA website

  • Attendance to events specifically organised for certified directors with highly qualified external speakers sharing their experience

  • Be part of an exclusive discussion group, providing opportunities to exchange views and interesting reading material

  • Publish short articles and opinion pieces on governance matters in the ILA newsletter

How to become a certified director?


Read the Certification Policy

Read carefully the Certification Policy to learn about the eligibility criteria (available in the documents box).

Attend the 2 modules

The first module,"The Essentials Universal"can be attended at INSEAD, IFA, Guberna, IoD or Deutsche Börse, while the second one, "The Essentials Luxembourg" takes place at ILA.

Get approved

In order to get approved by our Certification Advisory Committee & Management Committee, you have to submit an application file with  supporting documents that demonstrate achievement of the mandatory training modules and compliance with the eligibility criteria

Become a Certified Director

Once your certificate is delivered to you, you will be registered on the list of ILA Certified Directors. You will then engage by the Continuous Professional Development (CPD) process in participating in additional training programs 

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