Accounting & Tax for Corporate Governance Officers (CGOs) (8h)

This module (M5) is part of the certification in Company Secretarial & Governance practice (CGO Certification) .  
More information about the program is available  here  


The purpose of this specific training is to offer a hands-on experience rather than a theoretical class, and provide Corporate Governance Officers (CGOs) with practical knowledge on accounting and tax reporting, including (i) by monitoring compliance within the scope and extent of accounting and tax reporting obligations, and (ii) by making sense of reports, taking into account the nature and limitations of accounting and financial reporting.

Main learning objectives

Through multiple real-life financial reports for review, analysis and class discussion, participants will be able to:

  • Review the key foundations of financial reporting: accounting conventions and principles;
  • Understand the key components of financial statements and be aware of their information usefulness; and,
  • Implement filing obligations, as they relate to accounting and tax reporting so as to monitor compliance.

Practical details


8.00 hours


540€ for members
700€ for non-members

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More information about the Certification is available here.

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