Our Mission

        The mission of ILA is to promote the profession of Directors by developing its members into highly qualified, effective and respected Directors. 

        In parallel, we promote best practices in Luxembourg in the field of Corporate Governance of companies and institutions by actively engaging with those institutions in charge of introducing,applying and overseeing Corporate Governance rules and practices.

        We achieve this through high quality training, forum discussions, research, publications and conferences. ILA aims to be the premier interlocutor in Luxembourg on issues affecting Directors.  

        How we deliver our mission

        Over the last decade, ILA has built, together with those who wish to contribute to the development of best governance practices, a complete range of activities to the benefit of its members. ILA offers:   

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        Access to the first network for Luxembourg directors and a number of dedicated events and networking opportunities

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        Opportunity to get involved in the promotion of the profession of director and its growing professionalisation

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        Career development items: certification program, priority access, early registration, discounts on a range of director-level trainings and ongoing vocational training

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        Opportunities to stay informed about the latest developments in EU and national legislation as well as best practices based on the work of our committees, via the ILA newsletter and our conferences on topical issues

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        Access to resourceful documentation on corporate governance: personal access to the ILA online library and priority access to publications and tools

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        Access to open board mandates and governance positions


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