Additional services

ILA Members have access to a wide range of additional services

Tailored benefits to support our individual and corporate members

ILA offers a wide range of additional services designed to meet directors' and governance professionals' needs.

Whether you seek insurance coverage, a pension scheme, or a media content partner, you will find offers and discounts from our various members.

The ILA Governance Desk

A help desk area where ILA members can ask questions/concerns and find market-based practical answers to their corporate governance matters.


Board Mandate services and vacancies

Looking to recruit a director who will suit your organisation? Discover how we can help you find new Directors and Directorships.


Media partnership, newsletter briefings

Media partnership, newsletter briefings... at discounted rate for Individual and Corporate members. 


Insurance coverage of Directorships

Whatever the legal form and status of the entity, the members of the Board of Directors are subject to various liability risks under Luxembourg law.


Pension schemes

Discover Supplementary Pension Schemes with tax benefits for Independent Directors



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