The ILA Governance Desk

The new Q&A service for individual members

What is it?

A help desk area where ILA members can ask questions/concerns and find market-based practical answers to their corporate governance matters.

Who is it for?

All individual members of ILA: Certified Directors, Non-Executive Directors, aspiring Directors,  Certified members in Luxembourg Company Secretariat and Governance Practice and Corporate Governance Officers (CGO)

How does it work?

Click on the button to access the form, fill it in with your question and send it directly to You will receive an answer within 2 weeks or more depending on the technicality of the question.  After submitting your request you will receive an acknowledgement email with mention of the expected response timeline.    

 Submit your question

Questions & related answers will be published on ILA's website. A "Frequently Asked Questions section" will progressively be built and regularly reviewed for compliance to current norms and practices. We encourage you to check the FAQs before submitting your question: the answer you are looking for may already be there. The FAQs section is only available for ILA members.

Please note that :  
- The question should be general on corporate governance (not operational or technical) and related to one of the topics listed below   
- Attachments of 1 page max are allowed 

What does it cover?

The Governance Desk will cover topics that are relevant to the Board, to Directors or other governance professionals. Questions will be answered from the Director’s or Board’s perspective. Topics to be covered:

- Board Governance

  • Composition, appointment, reappointment, resignation, tenure, committees,  etc.
  • Setting and disclosure of Directors’ and Chairman’s fees
  • General functioning

- Accounting and Auditing issues

  •     Approval of FS and other reports
  •      Appointement, revocation of and relationship with auditors

- Discharge of Directors responsibility (legal and fiduciary) and oversight role.

- Communication and relationship with regulatory bodies

- Despite or contention issues involving a Director or the Board

- Conflict of Interest

 -  Shareholder issues: communication, AGM,  etc.

- Any other practical issue involving Directors

Who is behind the Governance Desk?

The Committee is made up of 5 members with extensive professional experience in governance.


"The purpose of the ILA Governance Desk is to provide answers to various Governance questions that ILA’s individual members come across in their roles as Directors or other professionals dealing with Governance topics. I am delighted to join the team of experts who constitute the ILA Governance Desk and who share their experience and knowledge to answer these questions. I am convinced of the added value of this service to ILA’s members and the corporate governance standards in Luxembourg."

John LI, NED

"Sound and Effective Governance: there is more than just the strict application of legal and regulatory rules. The aim of Governance Desk is to provide guidance to ILA members to apply adapted best practices to the Boards of companies they serve. It is about ensuring that due process devoid of any conflict of interest has been applied to arrive at a good decision or outcome".

Aisling MURPHY, Lawyer at Allen & Overy

"A great initiative by ILA, the Governance desk will assist our community on a very practical level, with interpretations and implementation of best practices will hopefully fuel further institutionalisation of good corporate governance".


"The success of Luxembourg as a jurisdiction is rooted in its ability to champion corporate governance – I’m delighted to be part of this project which will allow ILA members to continue to hone their skills, provide the best service possible as independent directors and be a driver for the continued growth of the Luxembourg financial sector".

Enrico TURCHI, Managing director at Amundi Luxembourg

"Sound governance is a determinant factor driving how well a company is run, protecting the interest of all stakeholders, and mere regulation is not sufficient to guarantee positive outcome. The Governance Desk will draw from the contribution and experience of a diverse range of experts to assist ILA members with practical questions, linking principles and guidelines with pragmatic application".

Disclaimer for The ILA Governance Desk

The information, opinions and views provided on the ILA Governance Desk are provided for informational purposes only and do not, and are not intended to, constitute legal, tax, accounting, regulatory or general advice and shall therefore not be construed as legal, tax, accounting, regulatory or general advice on any subject matter. 

Instead, all information, content, and materials available on the ILA Governance Desk are for general informational purposes only. The ILA Governance Desk assumes no liability for any errors or omissions in the information, content and material and does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the information, content and material.

Readers of the answers from the ILA Governance Desk should contact their legal advisor to obtain advice with respect to any particular legal matter and should not act or refrain from acting on the basis of this information without first seeking legal advice from their counsel or other professional advice in the relevant jurisdiction. 

The opinions expressed by the ILA Governance Desk are those of the desk itself after deliberation amongst its members. They do not represent any individual member’s opinions or the opinions of the organisations they work for.