Certification for Experienced Directors


Become a Certified ILA Director

This professional qualification is delivered by ILA to members who fully comply with the following eligibility criteria:

  • Be an ILA member
  • Successful achievement of the training programmes (and related exam/paper)
  • Demonstration of 4 years of experience as a member of a Board of Directors, of one or more entities performing significant economic activities
  • Commitment to continuous professional education
  • Commitment to respect the ILA code of conduct
  • Compliance with all recurring obligations as an ILA member

Main advantages of the certification 


Modules can be taken at multiple periods of time, offering flexibility to Directors


Our exclusive certification is highly recognised by regulators and companies looking for NED

Continuous Development

By completing Continuous Professional Development hours, Certified members maintain their professional skills at high level

Extra visibility

Relevant visibility on the ILA website and newsletter, exclusive access to tailor made events with highly qualifed external speakers

What should be my next step?

Aspiring: I don’t have yet experience as Director, nor exposure to Boards over the past years

ILA will support you with trainings and publication which might help you to start in this position: Aspiring Directors Program, ILA Bootcamp, Fundamental of Luxembourg Corportate Governance, ILA mentoring program…
The certification path will start in the coming years, once you have already some experience as Director.
Please do not hesitate to contact us for additional guidance.

Transitioning - I have less than 4 years’ experience as a Director, or I have already several years of full exposure to Boards in my previous functions (as an executive for example)

Depending on your experience, you could already start the certification path by attending the trainings (The Essentials – Universals and The Essentials - Luxembourg).
Once your trainings are completed, you will have the possibility to apply to become an ILA Certified Director once your experience as Director will reach 4 years.
Please do not hesitate to contact us for additional guidance.

Practising - I have 4 years of experience as a Director

You can complete the training program (The Essentials – Universals and The Essentials - Luxembourg) and submit your application to become an ILA Certified Director at your earliest convenience.

You don't recognise youself on these scenarios? 
Contact us and we will be happy to help you on your journey!

Certification Process

Training modules

The Essentials - Universal

This module covers the general aspects of director’s responsibilities whatever legal or regulatory framework they operate in, and includes topics like: reviewing and approving growth strategies, general governance and responsibilities, overview of basic knowledge and required skills, how to make boards effective, financial analysis, review of strategic plans...

The Essentials - Luxembourg

Dive in the practical world of being a Director in Luxembourg!
Through the 10 interactive modules of this course, run by Luxembourg practitioners and experts, you will learn “what to ask”, “what to do” on topics such sustainability, integrity, legal, accounting, and tax issues ; as well as discuss the many challenges facing the Luxembourg director !


The application consists of the following documents:

  • A cover letter describing sufficiently in detail the job positions of the candidate and his or her experience as a member of
    a Board of Directors
  • The application form duly completed and signed
  • The following supporting documents:
       - Certificates of training completion (Module 1 - The Essentials Universal)
       - ILA Code of Conduct duly signed (including a CPD Commitment)
       - A professional up to date Curriculum Vitae
       - The list of past and present mandates
  • An extract of police record

Once ready, send your application to  certifications@ila.lu

About Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

  • As a ILA Certified Director, you have confirmed that you have the expected skills, integrity and professionalism to act as a director.

  • However, the business environment is constantly evolving, and continuous development is essential to ensure ongoing credibility for you and the profession, no matter the stage of your career.

  • When you access the ILA Certified Director programme, you committ to Continuing Professional Development (CPD). ILA supports you in meeting your CPD obligations by proposing a range of different training.

  •  Our objective is to maintain the highest standards of competence amongst our Certified Directors and ensure that they remain effective as directors and board members.

Continuous commitment

  1.  Remain a ILA member

  2.  Undertake at least 12 hours of professional education per calendar year

  3.  Attend the ecoDa module on Professional Development for European Directors within the first 3 years after obtaining
    the certification.

  4.  Take personal responsability for CPD requirements, and record the non-ILA activities on the ILA website before 31
    December every year, providing evidence of your CPD such as confirmation of course attendance.