Artificial Intelligence, a journey for directors: from Fundamentals to Risk Management & Ethics


The audience will gain a better understanding of the AI regulatory framework, its challenges and limits, together with a better apprehension of its risks and the way to mitigate them

The course is aimed to provide an end-to-end Artificial Intelligence understanding for board directors. It starts by providing fundamental Artificial Intelligence knowledge to board directors, following a walk-through of the AI value and supply chain. The Data and AI governance aspects are tackled, with the needed AI-related skills from a holistic workforce perspective to AI board-specific skills.

Positioning the AI in the European context, a risk-based approach is further outlined, supporting the board members understanding of the upcoming EU AI legislative framework, terminology and main AI risk classes. The course includes also an interactive workshop around data-driven boards.

On completion of the course, Directors will be able to:

  • Understand AI terminology and main AI risk classes
  • Gain an understanding of the upcoming EU legislative framework
  • Identify instruments of AI adoption: data & AI assets, skills and how to shape AI governance
  • Understand AI implications on business, which sectors are to be directly impacted by the EU AIA horizontal legal proposal?
  • Acquire knowledge of the EU AI legislative proposal and EU AI strategy , with a global perspective (OECD)
  • Understand, identify and manage AI-related risks
  • Understand the importance of approaching new technologies and digital transformation as a strategic imperative
  • Recognize approaches to align board structure and composition that support digital transformation

Practical details


12.00 hours


890€ for members
1160€ for non-members

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