Getting to know better : Luc Dupont

ILA welcomes Luc DUPONT, a new member to its Integrity Committee. 

What are in your opinion, the key attributes for a Director?

A Director brings to the Board Room knowledge, experience and engagement to contribute to the sound decision making process which shapes the future of the organization, its operations, strategy and governance. Expertise, aptitude and attitude of the Director are essential to the evolution of the Board’s agenda and its on-going contribution to the performance of the organization. This agility is particularly critical in the changing and sometimes disruptive environment of the business landscape.

What do you think makes a great Board?

Leadership of the Chairman is paramount to «setting the tone at the top».  Collective leadership of every Director also sets the tone within the organization.  Each Director’s active contribution is essential to foster a broad understanding (360°) of the different issues underlying the Board’s decision-making process. The diversity of the Board composition is essential to avoid pitfalls associated with preconceptions which ultimately have the potential of distorting sound analysis and the achievement of the desired outcomes.  

What does integrity in the Boardroom means to you?

Fundamentally, integrity is about trust.  Trust guides decision making which affect the well being of the organization, clients, staff and ultimately the community.   Without trust, a strong a reputation cannot be built.  An enviable reputation is an asset. Integrity is all about preserving and enriching this asset. Without a strong reputation it is difficult to attract talent, engage in a constructive collaboration with stakeholders, internal or external (regulators, investors, analysts etc.). Integrity is about a set of values that helps performance.  It provides guidance in a decentralized or/or disruptive environment.

What would you change to improve the effectiveness of Luxembourg Boards?

What is striking in Luxembourg, is the on-going commitment to constant improvements to keep pace with the new emerging challenges which are affecting Boards: New regulations, Digital Transformations, Cybersecurity and Uncertainty.  Gains in effectiveness require continuing education to keep pace with the changing governance and risk landscapes. It also requires a deliberate succession planning, an active cross-generational knowledge transfer and on-boarding of new members. 

What does the outlook of Luxembourg look like, 10 years from now?

Luxembourg will continue to exert its «soft power» leadership which combines vision, influence and an ability of «punching well above its weight». Because of its unique ecosystem which combines the expertise, in all financial aspects, of larger countries and the agility of smaller ones, Luxembourg is uniquely positioned to thrive in becoming the financial and investment gateway to continental Europe and in expanding its international leadership, in doing so.

How can ILA contribute to the economy, better boards and society?

ILA is a flagship institution which prepares new generations of Corporate Directors and provides to current generations, the tools, forums and curriculum to become best in class in their field in the profit and non-for-profit sectors.  In doing so, it creates the conditions for Luxembourg’s vision to take root and flourish by attracting talent, institutions and capital to leverage the uniqueness of the country in the heart of Europe.  This will help preserve the country’s high standard of living for all its citizen.