A note from our new CEO
By Philipp von Restorff

Dear Member,

"We have to get better at what we do" was the saying of a manager whom I was fortunate to serve for a certain period in my professional career. Not resting on one’s laurels but constantly strive to find new ways and solutions that will make one better and more successful. This motto fits well with ILA where I hold the role of CEO since 1st of March.

For almost 20 years ILA has been committed to fostering and developing corporate governance in Luxembourg and beyond. We have made it our mission to support all professionals who bear responsibility in this important area of activity. Be they executive directors, non-executive directors, company secretaries, corporate governance officers or active in related roles and functions. We help them at every stage of their career to build and develop their competences and provide them with a platform to network and to exchange ideas. In addition, we support them by sharing best practices and informing them about the latest developments in the field of corporate governance. We are committed to being thought leaders in promoting corporate governance. Ultimately, we are in regular exchange with supervisory authorities and political decision-makers to protect the interests of this crucial activity, its functions, and its professionals.

This is how ILA has managed to establish itself as the institution that stands for corporate governance like no other in Luxembourg. This successful development is based on the daily commitment of the ILA team, the ILA board members under the guidance of their consecutive Chairs as well as on the countless efforts of its volunteering members. First and foremost, the more than 160 professionals who are contributing in the working committees to strengthen and develop the many facets of corporate governance.

Just as we strive to help our members improve, we also permanently aim at improving ourselves and the services we provide. To do so we question how we operate and if needed adapt ourselves. Currently, this includes, among other things, the increased digitisation, enabling us to optimise processes and the member experience. We will continue to pursue this mission consistently in the future.

My role is to help guide ILA on its path of sustainable growth. I am very much looking forward to this exciting challenge and to working with my Chair and Vice-Chair, my Board, our working committees, our members, our partners as well as my colleagues.

Philipp von Restorff

In praise of Board Committees
By David Arendt