Message from our Chair, Carine Feipel: "ILA with Ukraine and its citizens"

The invasion of Ukraine and the war ongoing in this country for the past week has shocked and saddened us. The fundamental values and principles on which peace in Europe has been built and which have guaranteed our freedom and safety for the past 75 years have been shattered.

ILA promotes good governance. This entails that we stand for peace, freedom, democracy and the rule of law. As such, we strongly refute this invasion and stand behind Ukraine and its citizens.

In line with the European Confederation of Directors Associations (ecoDa), we are calling on the ILA Members to question their mandates in Russian and Belarusian companies. Members should also review and adapt the investment strategies as well as the operational processes of their companies in Russia and Belarus. Businesses cannot be conducted as usual when the war in Ukraine violates international rules.

Directors are leaders and they play a key role in companies and societies. When core values, peace and freedom are violated, we must stand up and react. We must engage to defend these values. Peace, freedom and human rights must supersede any other interests. 

We count on our association’s members to contribute to the sustainability of peace. 

We express our solidarity with all those who have been affected by this war. Let us hope for a swift and peaceful resolution of this conflict and a return to the rule of law.

Carine Feipel,

On behalf of the ILA Board of Directors and the ILA Management Committee

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