Why is it crucial to fill in the NED Remuneration Survey?
An exchange with Jean-Pascal Nepper, NED and Co-chair of the ILA Nomination and Remuneration Working Committee

What is the ILA/KPMG NED Remuneration Survey ?

The ILA/KPMG NED Remuneration Survey is the 5th edition of a survey that we have been conducting every two years since 2014. The survey focuses on the remuneration conditions of Non-Executive Directors in financial, industrial, and commercial companies, both as members of the Board and as members of specialized committees of the Board.

To enrich the analysis, the report is based on data from two sources: (i) information provided by financial, industrial, and commercial companies regarding how they compensate their Non-Executive Directors, and (ii) insights from Non-Executive Directors themselves regarding the mandates they hold in multiple companies.

Why is this Survey important?

More than any other market, the remuneration conditions of Non-Executive Directors depend on a large number of diverse factors such as the size and complexity of the company or the expected workload and role of the Non-Executive Directors. Therefore, providing relevant benchmarks to the market is of utmost importance. The word “relevant” is crucial here, as the value of this survey depends on the quality of the data it contains. Thus, a high participation rate is essential!

We are aware that if a Non-Executive Director holds 10 or more mandates, it might take some time to complete the questionnaire. We have done our best to minimize the effort required, but in the end, we need sufficient data to draw accurate conclusions and remuneration benchmarks for both members of the Board and specialized committees of the Board, both of which are equally important.

What do you say to the Non-Executive Directors who are hesitant to take part?

I would say:

• The more data we have, the better the quality and representativeness for everyone!
• The detailed results will be made accessible only to the participants.
• Confidentiality is ensured!
• Call me if you have any questions!

Jean-Pascal Nepper
Co-Chair of the ILA Nomination and Remuneration Working Committee

The link to access the survey, together with a unique code, was sent to all NEDs by communication@ila.lu on 5 June 2024. If you have not received this email, please get in touch with us! The new deadline to fill in the survey is set to 15 July 2024.

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