Corporate Governance Officers (CGOs) leading through integrity (4h)

This module (M8) is part of the certification in  Company Secretarial & Governance practice  ( CGO Certification ).
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Integrity means the respect of a consistent framework of ethical or moral principles based upon a core group of values, beyond formal codes of conduct and regulations. As scandals have decimated share prices and Board credibility, integrity has become one of the critical elements of corporate governance that companies are looking to reinforce. As a result, the Board’s approach to integrity has to spread outward from the Boardroom to permeate the whole culture of an organization. Indeed, it is more than ever required to be considered nowadays by a Corporate Governance Officer (CGO).

Main learning objectives

On successful completion of this module, by using case studies, master class and self-reflection, participants will be able to:

  • Provide a practical framework for understanding and instilling integrity and ethics in the Boardroom;
  • Identify how board members can more proactively recognize gaps and risks;
  • Help to prevent potential damages linked to failure on integrity; and,
  • Enhance globally the role of integrity in the Boardroom and the whole organization.

Practical details


4.00 hours


215€ for members
280€ for non-members

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More information about the Certification is available here.

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