Strategy for the Boards

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Course Outline

This course equips C-Suite and Board members with a structured framework to guide strategy discussions and evaluate the quality of strategies presented to them.

 The main features of the programme are:

  • A clear definition of strategy that works across the entire organization
  • A structured framework for thinking about strategy on a corporate, business, and functional level
  • A step-by-step approach to evaluate the quality of strategies and their potential for being winning strategies
  • Introduction to a systematic process of designing and activating winning strategies

Benefits of the program

  • Learn a structured framework for discussing and evaluating strategies, no more guessing!
  • Be able to guide strategy discussions
  • Focus on the right questions for the right types of strategies (corporate, business, functional strategies)
  • Learn paths to explore for breakthrough strategies
  • Be able to quickly evaluate the quality of strategies, even as an external person without in-depth knowledge of the industry or the organization

This course targets C-suite members and leaders in charge of designing strategy who want a clear and structured framework to discuss strategy and paths to explore for strategic options. Board members and leaders who have to evaluate the quality of strategies presented to them.

Date & Time

26/09/2024 - 09:00


Chambre de Commerce du Luxembourg

CPD hours

4.00 hours

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Chambre de Commerce Luxembourg

7 Rue Alcide de Gasperi 

1615 Luxembourg - Luxembourg

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Institut Luxembourgeois des Administrateurs  | +352 26 49 58 5963