Tax structuring aspects (Module 1)

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Course outline

This is the first module of the programme that will provide an overview of how Alternative Investments are commonly structured, the tax treatment in Luxembourg and the investment jurisdiction. Moreover, relevant tax rules such as the interest limitation rules, and the hybrid mismatch rules are analysed in more detail. 

As such, participants will learn about the points of attention that need to be considered when implementing and maintaining cross-border investments.

This training will be of interest for Non-Executive Directors that need to have a clear understanding of the tax environment applicable to Alternative Investments such as Private Equity, Real Estate and Infrastructure investments. 

This course is part of a 4-Module training programme, providing participants with a 360' degree overview of the new tax environment in which Alternative Investments have to navigate. Should you wish to register to the full programme at an advantageous rate, please follow this link: Structuring Alternative Investments in Luxembourg - Training program 

Course highlights

The main features of the course are:

  • Typical investment structures
  • Interest limitation rules
  • Hybrid mismatch rules
  • Reverse hybrid mismatch rule
  • General anti-abuse rule
  • Tax treatment in the investments jurisdiction
  • Cash repatriation

Benefits of the course

The training will be very practical and provide participants with a clear guidance.

Target audience

The training will be targeted to Non-Executive Directors and those who wish to gain a clear understanding of how Alternative Investments are commonly organised (with a focus on the tax treatment thereof).

Date & Time

17/09/2024 - 14:00


Chambre de Commerce du Luxembourg

CPD hours

3.0 hours

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Non-member fee: 340,00€  (VAT excl.)

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Oliver R.  HOOR

ATOZ Tax Advisers Luxembourg

Agenda and schedule


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Chambre de Commerce Luxembourg

7 Rue Alcide de Gasperi 

1615 Luxembourg - Luxembourg

Contact the organiser

Institut Luxembourgeois des Administrateurs  | +352 26 49 58 5963