Diversity Day 2024

At ILA, we celebrate diversity every day. Our team comprises 13 people of different backgrounds and origins (8 nationalities are represented!). We know from our daily work that such diversity is our strength. 
We are also currently working on developing our internal Diversity Policy.

On this Diversity Day, we want to celebrate it by presenting you with one special celebration and one singer from our countries of origin. Celebrate Diversity with us!



Education & Events Assistant

Traditional Cameroonian Wedding

In a  Cameroonian traditional wedding, the family of the bride introduces her to the groom. The bride will then look for the groom and serve him a special traditional white wine she is carrying. The outfit worn in this ceremony is called “Toghu” and is typical from the northwest of Cameroon.

Charlotte Dipanda

Charlotte Dipanda is a Cameroonian singer, who plays mostly acoustic music. Her lyrics are in French, her native language Bakaka, and in Douala.

Charlotte Dipanda was one of the judges for the show The Voice Afrique Francophone broadcast on the channel Vox Africa in 2016.


Education & Certification Officer


Villerupt Italian Film Festival

The Villerupt Italian Film Festival began in 1976, initially showcasing a dozen Italian films. Over the years, it grew in popularity, attracting notable directors and actors.

By the 1990s, it drew over 30,000 attendees annually. In 1998, the festival professionalised and expanded its program, maintaining its essence while adapting to modern standards. Today, it features over sixty films, competitions, and retrospectives.

Ben Mazué

Ben Mazué is without a doubt the surprise of the contemporary rap world. The essence of his music comes from rap, but also from African music and American soul. These different influences place him at the crossroads between grand slam, rap, soul music and reggae.

Over the years, Ben Mazué has made a name for himself through his art and his desire to impact the world through his melodies. As a result, he has become one of the icons of rap music in Europe and worldwide.


Education & Certification 



Carnival plays a very important role in Italian folklore, traditionally linked to regional masks, and is celebrated in many cities, some of which are world-famous precisely because of the special celebrations they organise for this occasion. 

Fabrizio Moro

Born in 1975, Fabrizio Moro, real name Fabrizio Mobrici, was born on 9 April in Rome.

He began to take his first steps in music at a very young age, always with his guitar at hand. Success, however, came with his victory at the Sanremo Festival with the song "Pensa".


Membership & Certification Executive  


Fête des Jonquilles

Gérardmer, the "Pearl of the Vosges", invites visitors to come and stroll through the streets of the town, all decked out with countless Jonquilles, and admire the superb flower parade featuring around thirty floats accompanied by international musical groups.


Grégoire is a Parisian singer/songwriter who, without any initial major-label support, broke through to mainstream success in the French-language world in 2008 with his smash hit single "Toi + Moi".


Education & Events Officer


Les Fêtes du Maitrank

The Maitrank Festival takes place every year on the fourth weekend in May. It is a major event in Arlon folklore, celebrating the famous Arlon beverage: Maitrank, a wine flavoured with sweet woodruff. 

A veritable institution, it attracts thousands of curious onlookers to the centre of Arlon.

Amelie Lens

Belgian Amelie Lens has quickly become a sought-after guest for many of the world’s most prominent dance floors ever since releasing her debut EP with the acclaimed track "Exhale". 

Lens’ attention to detail and way of working with the crowd has already made her a pioneer in the techno scene.


Education & Events Assistant


Notting Hill Carnival

At the end of August, the streets of West London are transformed into a celebration of colour, music, and all things Caribbean.

The Notting Hill Carnival is an annual street festival that comes around on the final weekend of August to celebrate the culture, arts, and heritage of Caribbean people.

The Beatles

The Beatles were an English rock band, formed in Liverpool in 1960 and one of the most popular, critically acclaimed acts, and commercially successful in the history of popular music. The "Fab Four" George Harrison, John Lennon, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr, startled the ears and energised the lives of virtually all who heard them.

They simply changed the music world!


Communication Officer


Assedio di Canelli

In 1613 Canelli broke the siege laid by Carlo I, later the Duke of Mantua, as part of a war of succession with the Duchy of Monferrato. The town's defenses were manned by soldiers from the Duchy of Savoy, actively supported by the citizens: Carlo's troops were unable to break through them.

This heroic action was celebrated in a re-enactment that has taken place at the third weekend in June for 25 years, from 1992 to 2017.

Fabrizio De André

Fabrizio De André was an Italian singer-songwriter and the most prominent "cantautore" of his time. His 40-year career reflects his interests in concept albums, literature, poetry, political protest, and French music.

Because of the success of his music in Italy and its impact on the Italian collective memory, many public places such as roads, squares, and schools in Italy are named after Fabrizio De André.


Communication Officer


Umbria Jazz

Umbria Jazz (abbreviated UJ) is the most important Italian jazz music festival and one of the most important and renowned in the world. Founded in 1973 by Carlo Pagnotta, the festival occurs annually in July in Perugia.

The artistic choices are transversal: on the one hand, jazz, from the purest to the most contaminated, Brazilian and black music, on the other hand, there are often encroachments on rock, pop and alternative music. Performances by artists such as Thom Yorke, Kraftwerk, Mika, Elton John, Carlos Santana, James Brown, Donna Summer, Eric Clapton, Wind & Fire, Simply Red, Bob Dylan and B.B. King should also be seen in this light.

Nu Genea

Nu Genea are two Neapolitan musicians and producers, based in Berlin for years, who love to develop record projects where they mix their Neapolitan roots with music from all over the world.

Massimo Di Lena and Lucio Aquilina, these are the names behind the Nu Genea artistic project, have conducted a historiographical investigation into dance music since its beginnings and, following the musical routes of the world, have searched for the sonic echoes that, over the centuries, have touched the shores of Naples, their hometown and inexhaustible source of cultural sensitivity.


Accounting Officer


Ommegang of Brussels

An annual historical procession and popular festival takes place annually over two evenings in July in the historic centre of Brussels. 

The celebration begins with a crossbow competition and a ceremony in Sablon Church. In the surrounding streets, various groups form a large procession. The procession follows a 1.5 km route through the city to the Grand Palace, where the groups join the Magistrate of Brussels and bearers of various forms of living heritage.

Jacques Brel

Jacques Brel was a Belgian singer and songwriter whose literate, passionate songs made him one of the most popular French-language musicians in Europe and gained him a worldwide following.

Brel began singing his compositions in Brussels lounges in 1952, and the following year he released his first recording, a single that featured the songs “Il y a” and “La Foire” on its two sides. Although the single was only modestly successful, it caught the attention of a French recording executive, who invited Brel to move to Paris.


HR & Administration Officer


Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve, groups of children and young people gather and, as evening falls, start carolling the households. The houses must be lit, and with the gates open, because that's the only way carollers will know where they are welcome. 

The little ones go from house to house with Capra (goat) or Steaua (star), the hosts honouring the carollers with traditional dishes, apples, nuts and money. Tradition says that there should be no house that has not been carolled. The carol lasts until the next day when all the groups of carollers meet at the church.


Inna is a Romanian singer, her album, I Am the Club Rocker (2011), yielded global success for the single "Sun Is Up" (2010). The track won the Eurodanceweb Award, making Inna the first and only Romanian artist to win the award. 

In 2011, it was announced Inna was the highest-paid Romanian and Eastern European artist. 

In 2014, Inna signed with Atlantic Records and released the commercially successful "Cola Song" with J Balvin, which was used to promote that year's FIFA World Cup.




Hamburg harbour birthday

When the Hanseatic city celebrates its port, the river Elbe becomes a stage and the harbour promenade a colourful, maritime festival mile. 

Whether majestic cruise liners, lovingly restored museum ships, magnificent windjammers or maritime service vessels - numerous ships present themselves from their best side at the parades. Over three days, young and old can immerse themselves in the fascination of the maritime world and "board" a wide variety of watercraft.

Udo Lindenberg

The German singer Udo Lindenberg originally started his music career as a drummer. It was only later that he began to sing himself. He made his breakthrough with rock music and German lyrics, which was unheard of at the time. The first album to achieve gold status was "Votan Wahnwitz" in 1975, but Lindenberg's great success was a long time coming. 

However, he was awarded the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany for his endeavours to promote communication between East and West. His last two albums "Stark wie Zwei" and "Stärker als die Zeit" went gold seven and five times respectively.


Membership Key accounts Management & Business Development Officer



Declared a public holiday in Mauritius, the festival of lights holds immense significance on this beautiful island. Known as “Divali” or “Dipavali,” is celebrated by Hindus and intertwines rituals, traditions, light, and colour. Diwali celebrates our inner light. The candles and garlands adorning homes symbolize the inner light that illuminates our souls, guiding us toward peace and truth.

It’s a time when families clean, decorate, and refurbish their homes, signifying a fresh start and inner life renewal. Although Diwali in Mauritius is a family affair, the night of Divali is special, as people from other communities and every faith join in, walking around and admiring the lights.


Born on the 10th of August 1960, Joseph Réginald Topize was professionally known by his stage name, Kaya. He created the seggae music genre, a mix of Mauritian sega and reggae, two popular music genres in Mauritius.

Seggae music was created when Kaya realised that though he loved reggae and the Jamaican culture, he needed something else for Mauritius. He wanted to infuse ‘roots and culture’ in his music. He then started mixing reggae music with sega, and this gave birth to seggae. His most famous ‘Simé la limiére’ meaning The Road to Light is forever engraved in the hearts of Mauritians.


Legal Executive & Governance Officer


The Night Fountains Show - Château de Versailles

Every Saturday evening in summer, the Royal Gardens of Château de Versailles are decked out in thousands of lights and invite you to take a journey through time to the rhythm of the Sun King’s music.

The Night Fountains Shows are a unique opportunity to stroll through the groves and fountains, usually closed to the public, and see their water features playing to the sound of music. The evening is complete with a dazzling finale of fireworks.

Étienne Daho

Étienne Daho is a French singer-songwriter. He has released a number of synth-driven and rock-surf-influenced pop-hit singles since 1981.

Coming from the Rennes rock wave, Étienne Daho is one of the most influential musical personalities to have appeared on the French scene over the last 30 years. Around ten albums and a good number of hits have made this child of rock, with a career paved in gold and platinum, the leader of French pop.

ILA Diversity Playlist 2024

We have put one song from each singer we have chosen into a playlist.
We hope you will enjoy our musical selection!