Improving Personal Impact in the Boardroom​


Board members are typically distant from the day-to-day running of the company. They are expected to interpret summary condensed information in short time frames. The exchange of views, and the taking of decisions takes place in board meetings of limited duration, thus requiring directors to interact efficiently and incisively.

As regulation of corporate governance increases, the execution of directors’ fiduciary duties is falling under greater scrutiny from shareholders and investors. In particular, audit and remuneration committees are becoming challenging and complex responsibilities, requiring directors to communicate with top-class professionals in their respective fields and negotiate with senior management, all of whom strongly defend varied interests. 

In addition to an overriding fiduciary duty, board members nominated and/or elected by significant shareholders to the company often carry the additional role of representing the financial and commercial interests of the nominating shareholder.

For all of these reasons, the ability to influence and negotiate is a vital tool in a director’s skillset.

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7.00 hours


540€ for members
700€ for non-members

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