Mastering your Journey to Board Mandates

Starting off as an Independent Non-Executive Director may sound scary. We have put together a Starting Pack to empower you to kick off with the right foot. 

Mastering Your Journey To Board Mandates

This training is dedicated to iNEDs getting ready to take on new board mandates or to reposition themselves on the market.

In small group settings of a maximum of 7 participants, get ready for highly interactive sessions led by Gabriela Nguyen-Groza focusing on:

- Finding Your Unique Value Proposition as a #NED
- Branding and Self-Promotion
- Networking Efficiently 
- Testing Your Pitch and Interview 
- Powerful Learning Interactions


ILA Mentoring Programme 2024

The goal of the programme is to unlock powerful interactions and insights between participants, which will benefit both the Mentors and the Mentees. It also aims to promote diversity of thought and complementarity at the board level and provide both aspiring and experienced board members with a safe space and sounding board to question their practice, discover new perspectives and grow professionally.

Applications are now closed


Photoshooting session

Corporate photography is more than just images; it's a window into character and professionalism. Through carefully crafted visuals, it communicates values, ethos, and credibility to your network, shaping lasting impressions in a digital age where perception is paramount.

Shiva & Sobhan, founders of Naderi Photography, are professional corporate photographers based in Luxembourg. With their expertise, they skillfully capture your character through their lens, showcasing authenticity and professionalism in every image.