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VitalBriefing, Luxembourg’s leading global media monitoring firm powering ILA’s monthly Governance news, follows the key issues that drive clients’ businesses -- with a unique approach to media monitoring. Unlike automated newsletter services that “cut-and-paste" headlines and links, a global corps of subject-expert journalists creates concise, accurate and timely news summaries customised for your exact information needs. “The smart newsletter company,” VitalBriefing identifies opportunities and threats so that subscribers can make critical decisions based on “the right information."

For ILA individual members (independent directors): Special 20% Discount Offer on Essential ESG/Sustainable Finance/Sustainability News

This new, popular newsletter Briefing covers the most important news about ESG, CSR and Sustainable Finance in Luxembourg, Europe and around the world. 

Each month, VitalBriefing’s expert financial journalists “connect the dots,” weaving together the essential developments in Legislation and Regulation, Investments and Products and Sustainable Finance Trends. Don’t miss insights that a fellow independent director says are "worthwhile for anyone who needs to keep abreast of all things ESG/Sustainable Finance, with key headings and sections, straight to the point, not too much text and great links.”

Take advantage of this try-before-you-buy offer: the first three editions for a total of just €1, then continue for just €39/month (cancel at any time). Or sign up for the year for €399.

For ILA Corporate Members: A special discount: 20% off the advertised price for essential ESG/Sustainable Finance/Sustainability News (as described above) PLUS only €7/month per additional subscriber in your organisation. 

Also for ILA Corporate Members, a Special ILA Discount offer on daily/weekly/monthly Media Monitoring Newsletter Briefings

Concise, crafted summaries covering only the issues that matter to your organisation - e.g. competitors, regulations, new products, technology - delivered via email or to your knowledge management system. Contact us for details and pricing.

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