Practical governance for SMEs (FR)


Corporate governance codes are focused on the issues of large companies or companies listed on the stock exchange. These companies typically have dispersed ownership. These shareholders do not have easy access to information and do not have the means to influence the decisions taken within the company. Best practices recommend strengthening the oversight role of the board of directors and seeking to improve the quality and rights of shareholders.

On the other hand, in a small or medium-sized enterprise (“SME”) the owner is also a director or manager. It is integrated into day-to-day decision-making as manager, administrator, or often both so that the shareholder becomes a key element in the proper functioning of the company. The governance issues of such companies are therefore more related to access to decision-making support resources and ad hoc expertise to ensure continuity and sustain the value of the company. 

One of the unique elements of a family or owner-manager business is the transfer of the management of the business, either to the heirs or to a third party. This transfer requires a lot of preparation in several stages to secure the sustainability of the company.

This training takes up the essential principles of good governance and applies them in a practical way to the particular environment of an SME, whether it is family-owned or managed by its majority owner.

The training also offers the opportunity to exchange with a director of a family business, invited to share his personal experience of the challenges of corporate governance in such a context.


  • Identify the governance issues for an SME, not only from the shareholder's point of view but also from that of the various stakeholders.
  • Identify practical ways to implement good governance principles to reduce risk in your SME and make your business more sustainable.
  • Respond to issues specific to owner-manager businesses and family businesses.

Practical details


7.00 hours


540,00 € for members
700,00 € for non-members

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