So you want to be a Director?


All you should know to organise yourself!

The purpose of this specific training is to provide directors with the knowledge they need to understand various issues related to the way they structure and market themselves as a Director, including overviews of personal tax and related obligations.

The main features of the program are:

  • What you need to know to become a Director

  • What you need to set yourself up as a Director

  • Daily management and other ongoing considerations

  • Positioning yourself for success

This program will enable participants to identify the role and responsibilities of a director in relation to their own professional and legal obligations, and keep abreast of current developments, trends and topical issues.

The course is dedicated to executive and non-executive directors wishing to develop their career as a Director, and to better organise and promote themselves.

Practical details


8.00 hours


540€ for members
700€ for non-members

More information?

Please reach us at, we will do our best to help!